Playing Tour Guide

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 | Posted under Minneapolis, The Weekend

Since June 8th, Kayce, one of my best friends from growing up has been visiting to do a medical rotation at the local county hospital. This past weekend, her fiancé, Bjorn, came to stay with us too and the four of us had so much fun checking out different places around Minneapolis.

On Thursday night, I had my last class for Systemic Interviewing, which is basically a four hour role-play class. Each student is a therapist for an hour to the other three students who are pretending to be some kind of family unit. It’s totally exhausting and I was thrilled to be done with the class (although I’ll have even more role playing classes in the fall). It was past 9:00 by the time I got home, and Erik had picked up Bjorn from the airport and they were hanging out at Sociable Cider Werks with some of Erik’s co-workers. After grabbing something quick to eat, I walked over (we live a block away) and hung out for a bit playing “corn holes” (that’s what they call a bean bag toss). Kayce was working late for her shift at the hospital, so Erik and I went to bed before we saw her.

Kayce was working nights, so she slept in pretty late since she didn’t get home until 4am! When we finally all woke up on Friday morning, I decided to take them down to the St. Anthony neighborhood, which is along the Mississippi and right across from downtown. Originally I had planned on going to one restaurant, but I parked further away that I anticipated so we ended up going to Aster Cafe instead. We had delicious flatbread and chips and guacamole.

photo 1-21


It was such a nice day so we went for a little walk down by the river and checked out the St. Anthony Falls. Then we walked down Hennepin Ave to Mill City Running so I could get some fuel for my long run the next day, and we also stopped at Surdyk’s to get some wine and cheese. Bjorn is a cheese aficionado so he picked out some really interesting flavors to try!

photo 2-22

We dropped off the cheese at the house but we still had some time to kill before I had to be at work, so I decided it would a good time for some ice cream! We drove over to St. Paul to get ice cream at Izzy’s, which is a little overpriced but still really, really good. Then I drove us down Summit Avenue, where the nicest homes of St. Paul are, and all the way down to the Cathedral of St. Paul, which is just gorgeous.

After I finished work Friday night, I met up with Erik, Bjorn and Kayce at the Mill Northeast for a very late dinner. I ordered their ribs, which were spicy but very good (although I didn’t care for the sides that came with it — I’m neither a potato nor coleslaw girl).

I made a promise to myself to finally get up early on Saturday morning and go for my long run, but even though I set my alarm for 6:30 a.m., I still don’t think it was early enough! I managed to get 11 out of 12 miles done, which was good, but I was so hot and sluggish by the end. I’m really struggling with these long runs, even though my pace for my 3-5 mile runs are really improving.

We went to a very late brunch at Eat Street Social, but it was a disappointing experience for me. My crepes, which were good, were really tiny and I didn’t leave very satisfied. On top of that, there was hardly anyone there and the table next to us were so incredibly loud and obnoxious. I mean, they were celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage, so it’s hard to be too upset but they were just being super loud and vulgar and it was hard to tune them out to have our own conversations. It’s fine when there’s enough ambient noise but when it’s just you and another table? So obnoxious.

The rest of Saturday afternoon was actually spent at home because Kayce and I were both pretty beat and the city was pretty crazy with the Pride Weekend festivities going on. I just didn’t have the energy to deal with crowds. Erik and Bjorn went rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors, Kayce slept before her shift, and I left for my shift at Pier 1. When I came home, Erik, Kayce and Bjorn sitting around our fire pit in the backyard and they were… making s’mores! My favorite! Definitely a great way to end an otherwise disappointing day.

photo 4-8

We once again slept in pretty late on Sunday morning, but then rallied and headed down to Mall of America. We had the intention of going on some rides, but it ended up being a little too expensive for just one or two rides. It’s a much better deal to go for a whole day, so we planned on doing that again another time. Instead, we played mini-golf and ate gelato before dropping Bjorn off at the airport.

And that was our weekend! It was fun playing tour guide in Minneapolis, but also hard because I haven’t been here long enough to have a lot of “must sees” or anything. But it’s slowly get easier to think of things to show off now that I’m more familiar with the Twin Cities.



Around Here

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 | Posted under Monthly Check-In

(Hat tip to Kathleen and Stephany)

~ Kayce, one of my best friends from basically forever (we met in first grade!) has been staying with us for the past two weeks and it has been so much fun. Since she’s here to work at a hospital and study for a big exam, she has been pretty self-sufficient and it hasn’t been super stressful  trying to keep her entertained or coordinate our schedules. She has keys to the house, she has a car that she’s borrowing from our next-door neighbors (who are seriously the best neighbors ever), and she has her own half bathroom in our guest room. We haven’t been able to do too much, since all of us are super busy. But we’ve had a few dinners together, went to Mall of America to go shopping last Tuesday, and we went to brunch on Sunday. This weekend her fiancé will be coming to visit, right when all of our schedules are crazy, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens!


Celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday

~ So I fell and hurt my knees pretty badly a couple weeks ago. I was running at night and tripped over an uneven sidewalk. Did some mighty good damage on my knees. It’s been pretty nasty and hurt a lot (don’t worry, I won’t post any pictures). I did end up going to urgent care last week because it was so painful, and the doctor told me how to better take care of my wounds. They weren’t infected or anything, I just needed to keep cleaning them and also keep them covered, which I hadn’t been doing.

~ Because of my injury, I decided not to do the half marathon next week. I just haven’t been running enough, obviously, and it doesn’t make sense to do it at this point. I did go out for a short two mile run tonight and did really well! So I didn’t lose too much fitness, but I’m just going to focus on training for the Ragnar and the marathon, because both of those are paid for. So I have to do them.

~ The light fixture of our second floor ceiling fan collapsed over the weekend. It was so crazy! I was putting away my clothes and suddenly I hear this loud clash of glass shattering. I ran out of the closet (we have a tiny walk-in) and I was like, “What was that?!” and then looked in the hallway and there was glass everywhere. I had noticed that the light fixture would shake a bit when we had the fan on, but I had no idea it would just go flying! A lot of glass also landed on our stairs, and I’m just glad no one was out there when it happened!

~ I’m almost done with my June classes and I’m so excited. I’ve enjoyed this semester in that I’ve learned a lot about multiculturalism and diversity, which has just been super relevant considering everything going on in the world. It has definitely stretched me to consider things I hadn’t before, and I feel like I’m a more well-rounded individual. That being said, it has been a lot of classes this month! Basically half my classes for the semester are just in the month of June, so it’s just a lot! I feel like I’ve missed out on some social opportunities in the Twin Cities and I’m looking forward to July when things calm down.

~ Things I’m looking forward to:

  • July: our 4th anniversary (what what!)
  • August: turning 30, going to Oregon, Kayce’s wedding, and running the Ragnar
  • September: seeing my friend Caroline run a full IronMan and visiting Madison
  • October: the marathon and Erik’s birthday
  • November: Thanksgiving? Nothing major is planned so far in November…
  • December: HAWAII!! We are officially booked for a condo in Maui with my parents and my younger brother for the week of Christmas, and then we’ll stay a couple nights on the Big Island so we can see Kilauea. SOOOOO FLIPPING EXCITED!



The Week 

Friday, June 12th, 2015 | Posted under Uncategorized

The high of my week was the arrival of my friend Kayce! She’s in medical school and doing a rotation in the emergency department at a local hospital so she’s staying with us for about 3.5 weeks. It’s so fun having her around! So far we’ve only gone out for Thai and grilled burgers for dinner, but I have plenty of plans for things we can do while she’s here. 

The low of my week was tripping and falling super hard while running on Tuesday. It hurt a ton when I fell, and them kind of felt okay on Wednesday, but it’s back to being super sore and and the skin is painfully sensitive. I can’t have anything touching it! Good thing I’m living with an almost doctor!

I’m currently reading Radio Flyer One. It’s for the postal book club I’m in. Well, I’m starting it at least! I haven’t actually read much yet.  

 My workouts of the week were a short run on Sunday, a painful 12 miler on Monday, and then on Tuesday I did some speed work before I fell. It really sucked that I fell because I was doing really well!

The best thing I ate was pizza from Dominoes. The garlic crust was dee-lish! 

My plans this weekend include babysitting today and going to the zoo with the girls, celebrating my mother in law’s birthday, and hanging out with Kayce on Sunday since we both don’t have to work.

How was your week? What are your plans for the weekend?


Virtual Coffee Date at Anelace Coffee

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 | Posted under Minneapolis

I’ve done several virtual coffee dates, but I had this idea to feature a local coffee shop eat time I write one! There are so many coffee shops in the Twin Cities that I’ve been to, and even more that I haven’t, so I think this will be a fun challenge.

Today, I’m writing to you from Anelace Coffee, which is located in the Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood, right on Central Avenue which is the main commercial strip. I live in Northeast Minneapolis and this coffee shop is about a half mile away from my house. Normally I walk to Anelace, but today I drove because I have a chiropractor appointment this afternoon. The parking lot is not very big and fills quickly, but there’s plenty of street parking if need be. 

photo 1-19

Anelace just opened earlier this year and they have a good selection of coffee and a small selection of baked goods that come from a couple of local bakeries (Nokomis Bakeshop and Aki’s BreadHaus). I’ve really enjoyed their lattes and cappuccinos, but they only stock organic sugar cane, which I don’t find sweetens the coffee to my liking. The baristas play interesting, off-beat music at a nice volume. The space itself is really clean and reminds me a bit of Brooklyn. Wood slat floors, subway tile backsplash and a tile ceiling with a funky chandelier. Because it’s so new, it’s rarely that crowded so there’s always a space to work and they have a select few outlets in case your laptop needs some juice.

photo 3-11

If we were having coffee today, you’d see that I ordered a delicious latte. I’m getting ready to work on a couple of articles for a diabetes magazine I write for, but we’re briefly catching up.

photo 2-20

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you about our vacation plans for the year. We’re getting ready to buy our tickets to Oregon for August. One of my best friends is getting married on August 1, and then a few days later, I turn the big 3-0! I’m excited to spend a week in Oregon, see my family and my friends, celebrate my friends marriage, and pretend that turning 30 isn’t as big of a deal to me as it is. The weather is ideal in August, and I’m looking forward to the total lack of humidity. Other other big plan is to go to Hawaii in December, which I mentioned in my last post. My big stress right now is finding a good place to stay. So many places have booked up! I just hope we don’t end up in a hotel or condo that sucks. I mean, I know that’s probably hard to do in Hawaii, but you never know. I read a lot of travel reviews and they can really freak me out!

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that we had our two big backyard trees trimmed today and holy moly, that’s an expensive hair cut! More than $1000 to have the trees trimmed and one tree needed a treatment to protect it from disease. Of course, the trees look so much better now that they have been pruned but yikes. Yay homeownership! /sarcasm

If we were having coffee today, I would talk to you about life in Minneapolis. It’s going pretty good, and a lot of people obviously ask what I think of it, how I’m adjusting, do I like it, are we planning to stay. Right now, I think it’s fine. I’ve made a couple friends recently and I’m pretty excited about my position as First Year / Transfer Advisor for Junior League of Minneapolis. This means I’ll be advising girls who are new to the League and make sure that they feel like they are getting what they want out of it, as far as being involved in the community and socialization. I think it’ll be really fun! The weather is getting better and it feels like there is a lot more to do. But of course, I still miss New York a ton and sometimes I think about what it would be like to move back. I don’t think that’ll happen, but I do think about it.

If we were having coffee today, I would talk about training for my races. I finally registered for the Twin Cities Marathon! So that’s definitely something I am going to be doing! Can’t get out of it now! My coach has given me a lot of workouts to do and they are getting progressively more sophisticated with the pacing and goals to make sure that I’m ready. Only 122 more days!

What would you tell me over coffee? 


The Weekend: The “On The Run” Edition

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 | Posted under The Weekend

Hello there, June. I can’t believe you’re here already!

The last weekend of May was crazy busy, which is fitting considering how busy the month of June will be, between new classes, work, training for my half marathon on July 4th, and much more!

On Friday night, Erik and I actually stayed in and had a quiet night at home. I spent most of the evening doing research for our family trip to Hawaii for Christmas, which always stresses me out. I always want things to be absolutely perfect and when things seem like they won’t be perfect, I convince myself that we will have an absolutely miserable time. It’s a terrible habit.

We couldn’t really stay up late because I had to get up early Saturday morning to volunteer for Junior League. I led a shift at the Girls On The Run 5K event at the University of Minnesota. We helped hand out medals to all the finishers, so that was really fun. I’m usually the one running so it was fun to cheer and applaud everyone’s effort.

photo 1-18


Afterward, I went to brunch at Red Stag Supper Club, with two of the girls from Junior League. We had so much fun chatting about weddings (one of them is getting married) and making friends in Minneapolis (all three of us are transplants). I have so many thoughts about friendship coming out of that conversation that I may post something later this month about the current status of my social life.

photo 2-19

My main goal for Saturday afternoon was doing a tempo run. I did a quick warm up and then I did four 10 minute intervals with three minutes of rest. It went pretty well and I was happy with my times, although one of my intervals was a little slow since I was going up a bit of an incline.

My plan for Saturday night way babysitting while Erik was out of town for the night. I headed out to an eastern suburb of St. Paul to babysit for a 6-year-old with diabetes and her little sister. They were absolutely adorable, and it was so fun babysitting for little girls. A funny story: the girls wanted to go to the park, but I don’t have car seats or booster seats for them, so I wanted to make sure they were okay walking the half mile there and back. And the younger one, who is 4, asks, “How come you don’t have car seats?” I just thought that was the cutest thing. Only a 4-year-old would think to ask that question and I just thought it was so funny.

I slept in Sunday morning, but finally rallied myself to get up and go for a long run. I was supposed to go 10 miles, but because I missed my long run the weekend before because of my cold, I only went 9 miles. Barely. I walked a lot at the very end and my speed overall wasn’t the greatest. But I still got the miles in and that’s the important thing, right? Right?!

I was so sore and regretting the fact that I had to go to work Sunday afternoon. I tried to stretch while I was working so that I would get too sore, but I definitely spent most of the time hobbling around the store.

Sunday night is Game of Thrones and OMG SO CRAZY SCARY. I think that episode really gave Walking Dead a run for their money because holy crap those wights were scaaaaaaaary! I can’t wait to see what happens next but I was pretty much under the blanket during that entire attack.

So that was my weekend! How was yours?


The Week

Friday, May 29th, 2015 | Posted under This Week

The high of my week was going to Break the Bubble and meeting new people! Break the Bubble is an event to help people make friends in the Twin Cities area. They held this month’s event at Fulton Brewery, which is in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis. They had a food truck but we weren’t really interested in what they had, so afterward Erik and I went to Smack Shack (which I keep wanting call Shake Shack, which is a local burger chain in NYC!) for dinner. It was a really nice, warm evening!

The low of my week was all the rain! It’s really been bumming me out.

I’m currently reading nothing currently. Trying to figure out what I want my next book to be…

My workouts of the week were I went for three runs this week, but none of them were very long because I had two low blood sugars on Wednesday and Thursday. So that really sucked.

The best thing I ate was nothing really. This week was pretty average, meal-wise.

My plans this weekend include volunteering at a Girls On the Run 5K with the Junior League and then babysitting in the evening for a little girl with diabetes and her sister. I’ll also be running a couple times and working on Sunday.


How was your week? What do you have going on this weekend? 

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The Weekend: Old Movies, Gardening, and Illness Recovery

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 | Posted under The Weekend

After more than a week, I finally feel like I’m returning to a mostly healthy version of myself. My summer cold that started as a sore throat transitioned to congestion at the end of the week, and they even sent me home from work early on Friday because of how miserable and pathetic I was! Because of the illness, we ended up rescheduling (yet again) a dinner that we’ve been trying to plan with Erik’s nephew, his wife and their baby. Of course, being sick around a little baby is no good so Erik and I were on our own for the evening.

We decided to hang out and watch a movie, so I suggested that we watch Dead Poet’s Society. It’s probably something we should have watched last summer (sniff sniff) but I was reminded about it on Thursday when my professor showed a couple clips of it in my Multicultural Studies class (I have no idea what the movie has to do with multiculturalism but I didn’t ask). Anyway, the movie was really good, of course, although I was rather surprise at what a small role Robin Williams actually had. Yes, his lines in the movie were definitely quote-worthy, but the movie was mostly focused on the students he taught, and not really about him.

On Saturday, since I didn’t have to go to work, Erik and I decided to get some housework done and specifically, we decided to get some gardening done. We had been putting it off for weeks because the weather and my work schedule just never seemed to allow it. Even though I was sneezing like crazy, we managed to get a lot done! Our backyard is sort of a disaster. It’s not landscaped, the grass is patchy, and our two massive trees — a maple and birch — are huge and overgrown.

We went to Bachman’s Floral Gift & Garden, which is a chain of nurseries in the Twin Cities. Going into the nursery, I had absolutely no idea what we were looking for! We spent probably an hour just wandering around, looking at all the variety. Since we have the two huge trees our yard is considered partial shade, so that limits what we can get. But we managed to find a few plants for around our yard.


Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures after we planted, and it’s been raining pretty much for two days straight! So sadly I don’t have any pictures to show you so I’ll update with a before and after in another post.

After our day in the dirt, we decided to watch another movie! This time, Erik suggested watching L.A. Confidential, another old movie that we missed (I was 12 years old when it came out). It’s one of my dad’s favorite movies though so it was always a movie I thought I should see, but never really got around to it. It was really good! It was funny watching so many actors so young. Russell Crowe was only 33 years old in the movie and looked like a baby! Anyway, the movie was great, full of surprises and twists. It was a lot more violent than we expected, but it was a great whodunnit movie, if you like that sort of thing.

On Sunday, I had to work but I was feeling a lot better so that made it a lot easier than Friday. Overall our Sunday was really quiet. We stayed in and watched television, I finally finished the postal club book (because I just suck at reading) and in the evening we watched Game of Thrones!

Our Memorial Day was very low-key, since I had to work for a few hours in the morning. Afterward, I went out for my first run of the week. The temperature wasn’t too high but it was definitely humid, so it wasn’t the most enjoyable run. My heart rate felt pretty high the whole time, so I stopped a lot more often. One funny moment was when I was running past the high school and I saw a group of teens hanging out. One girl waved, so I waved back, and then the girl sitting next to her yelled, “What are you listening to?!” And I yelled back, “Ace of Base!” I was really listening to a Spice Girls Pandora station so it has a lot of late 80s, early 90s dance pop music, which is great to run to. I had to laugh as I was running because that girl probably has no idea who Ace of Base is!

Overall it was a good weekend, minus being sick. It suck with working retail that I don’t get a true three day weekend. Now I’m just hoping that the weather clears up so that I can show off our garden!

Did you accomplish anything on your to-do list this weekend?

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Weekend Recap: Music, Art & Rain

Monday, May 18th, 2015 | Posted under Minneapolis, The Weekend

I think my crazy busy weekend caught up to me in the worst way: I’m sick! I have the scratchiest throat right now, sucking on Ricola lozenges like they’re candy. But the weekend was definitely worth it!

On Friday evening, Erik and I went to Jax Cafe, which is in our neighborhood of NE Minneapolis, to see the husband of one of my coworker’s play in his band. They were really good! They played just covers but they did a really great job. Most of the songs for the majority of the two hours we were there were all older songs, and most I didn’t recognize. But then as the night progressed, they started playing some contemporary songs, including Uptown Funk!

photo 1-15

One of my other coworkers and her husband were there to watch the band too, and we had a nice time chatting. Jax Cafe had a small prix fixe menu as well, which was Szechuan green beans and a roast beef slider plus two beers or two glasses of wine for $20. I also managed to convince the waitress to let us order of the dessert menu, even though we weren’t supposed to. The chocolate cake I ordered was delicious! Being persistent really paid off!


We slept in a bit on Saturday and then I had to go to work for a couple of hours, but it was slow so they sent me home early. Erik was out on a long run (he’s training for Grandma’s Marathon which is at the end of June), so I went out for a run of my own. It was so hot and humid, so it was pretty miserable but I managed to get it done!

photo 2-17


After I came home and showered, we met up with my friend Sarah to walk around a bit of Art-A-Whirl. Art-A-Whirl is basically a weekend long open gallery tour around NE Minneapolis, hosted by the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association. Basically, NE Minneapolis is like the Williamsburg of Minneapolis. Many of the old warehouses in the neighborhood have been turned into artists lofts and Art-A-Whirl gives locals the opportunity to visit and see their work.

photo 3-7


Brickmania created these images of Minnesota made out of Legos!

Erik and I both had plans to see movies that night, just not with each other! I met up with a local women’s meet-up to see Pitch Perfect 2 and have dinner! I don’t know if the movie is better than the first, but it was still pretty good. Sequels are always a bit tricky, but I think they did a good job at keeping it fresh without being overly hokey.

On Sunday morning we made waffles and then I went to work for a few hours. When I got home, I needed to get my long run in, but the weather was very ominous. I wasn’t sure if I could get all 8 miles done, so I decided to do a two mile loop around my house 4 times, so that if it did start raining, I wouldn’t have too far to go. Well, right at about 5 miles, it started sprinkling, and after another quarter mile, the skies opened and I was soaked! I ran as fast as I could home and was completely drenched when I got there. So I only managed 5.67 miles out of 8, but ya know what? You do what you can do.

Throughout Sunday evening I started feeling really terrible, and I ended up tossing and turning so much during the night that Erik ended up sleeping in the guest bedroom! Poor guy. I called in sick to work and now I’m just hanging low, hoping that this doesn’t turn into anything serious or lingering. I hate being sick!

Hope you’re having a good Monday!


How To Catch A Cat

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 | Posted under Home Life

It was a totally normal Saturday evening. Erik and I were preparing to enjoy a warm May evening on our deck, with our newly purchased patio set from Pier 1 (note: I work there but personally paid for it using my associate discount). We were almost ready to eat and Erik headed into the house to check on the state of dinner.

photo 1-13

I had left the backdoor open, leaving just the screened door to keep the cat from escaping the house. As Erik opened that screen-door, Natasha came flying out of the house, up and over the deck, and then bolted underneath the deck, where she stayed. This wasn’t the first time that Natasha has been outside, but we don’t make it a habit. In fact, it has been months since she had been outside and it was really difficult to get her inside because she isn’t the easiest to call or respond to signals.

We tried everything we could think of to get Natasha out from under the deck, but I guess we were a little too good because when she finally ran from under the deck, she didn’t run into the house. She just ran. Away.

We have no idea where she went for the ensuing three hours, but it was one of the most horrible experiences of my life. Honestly, Erik and I couldn’t even fathom how parents survive missing children because we were so distraught over our little kitty. Our next-door neighbors saw my post on Facebook about Tasha running away, and helped us scour the neighborhood for her. But to no avail.

Natasha is microchipped, although I was disappointed to find out that it’s not the same as a GPS chip (they really should have this for animals!). Instead, it’s just a chip with basic information about her in case someone were to find her and bring her in to a vet or animal shelter that can scan her. I did call and let the service know that she was missing.

Another thing that we learned is that cats often hide during the daylight hours, so our plan was to look for Tasha once it got darker out and things quieted down. Of course, we live on a pretty busy street so it never gets that quiet, but traffic does start to slow down a bit around nine o’clock.

We also let several neighbors know that our cat was on the loose, because there’s a good chance that she would have just gone to hide in a neighboring yard. Some cats are more adventurous and can travel several blocks to even a couple miles, but the vast majority of them stay within a few houses because cats are very territorial, yet pretty skittish and cautious.

Once it got dark, we started looking for her again. After about three hours missing, I got a phone call from Erik saying he had spotted her underneath our other neighbors Buick. I quickly ran over and saw her underneath the car. But as I approached her, Natasha quickly vanished again.

We were so relieved to see her again, but so frustrated because we had no idea how to catch her. How do you catch a cat who will just run away the second you try to get near her?!

We had read and heard from others that food is a good way to lure cats, and we had tried that initially but it didn’t work. Since that was our last can of food, Erik went out to get more food and when he came back, he opened up a can of food since she often comes running when she hears the can open. We stood very still and quiet in the backyard, listening for any sounds. We could hear her hacking under the deck! Since we have seen her eat flower petals and leaves before, we think she had probably eaten some plants and was getting sick from it. But we couldn’t see her under the deck at all, even though we knew that’s where she was.

Finally we decided to just leave the back door open with her food right by the front door so she could see and smell it. We knew we weren’t going to get any sleep anyway so we figured we would just wait up for her.

It only took about twenty minutes before I heard Natasha slurping up her cat food, and a few minutes after that, she came trotting into the kitchen! We were so relieved and happy to see her!

photo 2-15

I swooped her up and gave her a big hug, which she of course hated because she hates to be held. Of course, we are going to be much more careful when it comes to coming in and out of the house to make sure that we don’t have to deal with that again!


Have you ever dealt with a missing pet? Isn’t it horrible?! 


This Week

Friday, May 8th, 2015 | Posted under This Week

The high of my week was finding out that one of my best friends from Oregon will be staying with us for a month in June! She’s doing a rotation for medical school here in Minneapolis, so she’s going to stay in our guest room. Wheeee! So excited!

The low of my week was the stupid hail storm that trashed and thrashed our beautiful blooming trees in our front yard. The hail were the size of freaking marbles! Also finding out that trimming those trees, as well as the maple and birch in our backyard, will run us upwards of $1000. Yay homeownership… ::eye roll::


Our front walk after the storm.

I’m currently reading Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand (need to hurry up and finish it as I have to mail it out next week!), and I also checked out a couple other books from the library for some book club meet-ups that I’m supposedly a part of. I’ve never gone to any of them because I never read the book! So my goal is to read the book, and then decide if I want to go to the book club.

My workouts of the week were three runs and an Orangetheory workout. Whew!

The best thing I ate was cookies from Insomnia Cookies over in Dinkeytown! My friend Chelsea and her husband came over to hang by the fire pit after our dinner out last weekend, and they bought dessert on their way over. They have a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie that is heaven! Insomnia Cookies are located over by the University of Minnesota, and the best part is you can get hot, freshly baked cookies with ice cream. It’s divine!

My plans this weekend include working mostly, doing some reading, and then having lunch with my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.


What’s your favorite kind of cookie? 

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