Exploring the Midwest: Lanesboro, MN and Decorah, IA

Monday, May 4th, 2015 | Posted under Travel

Last week, Erik and I went on a little overnight adventure in southeastern Minnesota to get away from the craziness of work and school. Even though it was a weeknight, Erik had an extra day off from working overtime and I wasn’t scheduled for work, so we were able to take advantage of the lower price for a bed and breakfast. It was also, coincidentally, the 5th anniversary of us getting engaged! I can’t believe it’s been that long!

On Thursday afternoon, Erik and I drove down to Lanesboro, which we had briefly visited last summer. We arrived at the Scandinavian Inn, which was a few blocks away from the downtown business district. The house was cute and charming, but it wasn’t overly decorated with doilies and grandmotherly decor. We felt like we were staying at a B&B but without being overly inundated with CUTE. We were the only ones staying at the inn that night, so we had our choice of rooms but we went with the room that I originally liked when I saw it online.

photo 1-12

We went to the Old Village Hall for dinner. It was Dining Out For Life night in Minnesota, so restaurants all over the state were donating a portion of the proceeds to the Aliveness Project, which helps support people living with HIV and AIDS. It was nice to know our dinner was going to a good cause! The restaurant was sort of an interesting experience, because it was a very casual atmosphere with very good (and expensive) food. The tables were green laminate and the walls had quilts hanging up, but our dinner was one of the more expensive meals that we’ve had in Minnesota. It was definitely a study in contrast. But the food was delicious so we didn’t too much.


When we got back to the inn, we spent the evening in the living room reading magazines. I regretted forgetting the book I’m reading at home, but between reading and chatting with the innkeeper’s wife, we were able to pass by two hours pretty quickly.


The breakfast is really the reason that one stays at a bed and breakfast instead of a hotel, and our breakfast was delicious! We had puffed apple pancakes, sausage, poached eggs, and the most delicious chocolate muffins (we even got some to go!). The breakfast was entirely filling so we didn’t end up eating again until mid-afternoon.


We did head into town for a bit to look at some of the shops, but Lanesboro was still pretty quiet because we were out pretty early in the morning and it was still technically off-peak season so there wasn’t as much to do. We only walked around for a couple of hours before we decided to take off for greener pastures. Originally we thought we would go hiking, but most of the trees were still not blooming and we didn’t think hiking around barren trees would be very fun. Then we thought about going to Forestville and the Mystery Cave, which is a park not too far from Lanesboro, but you need tickets to see the cave and they were already sold out! So our last option was driving to Decorah, Iowa, which is about 45 minutes south of of Lanesboro. It’s home to Vesterheim, the Norweigian-American museum, and being that Erik is Norwegian, we’ve been talking about going for awhile.

photo 4-6

The museum is actually the largest ethnic museum in the country and it was definitely worth the 10 bucks a person! We were there for a couple of hours, and there was still a bit more to see. But I was getting a bit hangry, so we strolled down the mainstream, grabbed some Mexican food (with super yummy margaritas) and continued window shopping. We also stopped by a taproom, the Toppling Goliath, so that Erik could get his beer fix.

The drive back wasn’t too bad. We made a quick pit stop at Four Daughters winery, but they didn’t have the same baked brie that we had last summer which was disappointing. Our waitress said they are always rotating the menu and just to keep an eye on it. We definitely will — that baked brie is the best! Totally worth the two hour drive!


Have you ever stayed at a bed & breakfast? Where’s your favorite place to go on an overnight vacation?

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Friday, May 1st, 2015 | Posted under Currently

(Apparently this is my 25th Currently post!) 

Reading… Mr. Pettigrew’s Last Stand for the postal book club, which thus far is the only reason I’ve read anything other than textbooks this year. I’m so glad I’m in it! I finally decided to give up the last book I started reading, and I’m so glad I got the support from all of you to ditch books that aren’t working for me. I feel much better now!

Needing… new running shoes. Now that my 10K is over, I can definitely tell that my running shoes are doing me no favors. I have another pair of running shoes that don’t have many miles on them, but I think they are a half size too big. I tried running yesterday and I felt like I was wearing clown shoes! I need to make a plan to visit the local running store to get some new kicks.

Leaving… for a little overnight getaway with the Hubster (as he is known in my iPhone — he put it in himself!). We’re going to a B & B in Lanesboro, which is a couple hours south of here just for the night. I’ll report back on our little adventure next week.

Worrying… about our poor little kitty, Natasha. Last week Erik noticed that she had a bump in her left ear, but she seemed unfazed by it so I left it alone. A few days later it had gotten noticeably bigger, so I made an appointment with a vet up the road to get it looked at. Turns out, Natasha has an ear infection and a hematoma, which is when the inner and outer layer of the ear separate from trauma and fill with fluid. She’s on a 5 day ear spray treatment for the infection, and a course of steroids for the hematoma. The vet is giving it two or three weeks to see if the steroids work, otherwise we’ll have to do surgery! The vet says that this steroid treatment has really only been done in dogs, but with really good success and apparently steroids are tolerated better in animals than in humans. I hope she comes out of it okay. I would hate to do surgery, both because of how traumatic that would be and also because it’s really expensive!


Preparing… for summer semester to start! Next week, I start Couples and Family Policy and Multicultural Studies. My policy class is only every other Tuesday for two months, but the Multicultural Studies class is every week through July. Then in June, I’ll take Intro to Trauma, Observational Practicum, Systemic Interviewing and a weekend seminar on Eating Disorders. It’s going to be one busy month!

Running… a heck of a lot more lately now that I’m training for all of my races. I’m starting to get more aches and pains in my quads and knee, so I’m going to try some electro-accupuncture to see if that helps. It’s a service that my chiropractor provides, and since I’m already seeing him for my back and neck, we’ll be able to keep an eye on any problems that might arise from training.


What’s new with you? 


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Race Recap: Get In Gear 10K 2015

Monday, April 27th, 2015 | Posted under Health + Fitness

I’m a terrible picture taker so I have no proof that I actually ran a 10K, but I promise I did!

It was my first 10K since my utter failure to run the disgustingly humid Victory 10K last August, and this time, I did much much better. In fact, I snagged a 5 minute PR! Woohoo!

Unfortunately, the race wasn’t without its mishaps. Everything seemed like it was going to go well. My blood sugar was in a good spot. The weather was cloudy but not freezing or humid. I had on comfortable clothes and had all my gear. But I think I was feeling a little too good because when I started the race, my pace was way too fast for me to hold on. My pace for Mile 1 was 12:07 and my pace was 12:09 for Mile 2. So they were great but then I started getting super fatigued way earlier than I anticipated, plus the arches of my feet were killing me. Having worked at a running store long enough, I know that I need knew shoes, I just didn’t realize I needed them right that second!

Anyway, I took a very brief walk break, and then paced myself with some girls who were running slower and more along the lines of the pace I should have gone. But then right after Mile 3 — at the 5K mark — there was the water stop, which I walked through. And then right after that was a big hill. Which I also walked. So Mile 3 was 13:13 but Mile 4 (the rest stop / hill) was 13:47. Eeesh.

I ended up doing a run / walk mix for the last third of the race by running .1 miles and walking .05 miles. I know that sounds ridiculous but it was too late to put on any kind of interval on my watch or my phone (well, without completely stopping), and so that was the best I could do just from using my Garmin 10. Mile 5 was 13:14 and Mile 6 was 13:23. I ran the last .2 in 3:30, but I’m not entirely sure what pace that comes out to…

My overall results was a 1:21:22 race or a 13:06 min/mile. My last PR (which was the Run 10 Feed 10 race in September 2013) was a 13:35 min/mile, so this was definitely an improvement. And I ran last year’s Get in Gear 10K at a 14:00 minute/mile (because I was really, really out of shape after months of not running).

Overall I’m happy with the race. My biggest errors were going out too fast and not drinking enough water. Since it was cool out I thought I could get away with running with just the one water stop because I didn’t want to run with the water belt. But I am just not fast enough to do that yet. I run too long to get away with not hydrating frequently, but I think I might try getting a smaller, lighter water belt for future races. I’m not a huge fan of water belts, but I feel like a 10K is silly to use the Nathan’s hydration pack that I got for Christmas which is supposed to be more for long runs (like 10+ miles). Still figuring out those little logistical details!


Anyone else do a race this weekend? 



Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 | Posted under Diabetes

There is a Twitter hashtag going around called #IWishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes and I encourage you to check out the stream to see what others are saying. This is a reflection on that hashtag and also a conversation I had a with a non-PWD (person with diabetes) friend last week. 

Last week, I was driving home from a Junior League event with a new friend when the topic of my diabetes came up (in the context of blogging and what I write about).

My new friend asked me if my diet was very restrictive and I sort of snorted and said, “I ate a cupcake tonight, didn’t I?” Clearly, I’m not a very restrictive diet. Some people with diabetes choose to be, of course, and that’s because that’s what makes them feel healthier. Depriving myself does not make me feel healthier and so that’s not what I do.

And so my friend asked if my diabetes was a pretty easy to control. I paused.

I told her, “Sometimes diabetes is barely noticeable. And sometimes it’s a living nightmare.”

I think that it would be easy to think that diabetes was pretty easy to manage just from watching what I do. A lot of diabetes is mental — the carb counts, the adjustments for exercise. If you’re eating dinner with me, you might see me test my blood sugar and bolus, which takes all of 30 seconds. But there’s a lot of mental gymnastics that takes place while I’m thinking about what to order, while I’m waiting for the food to arrive, and even after I finish eating.

  • Choosing what to eat doesn’t just involve what I’m in the mood for, it also depends on what my blood sugar is and whether or not I need to stick to something more low-carb and protein-heavy, or if my blood sugar is on the lower side, maybe I want to take advantage of that and order pasta.
  • While I’m waiting for food to arrive, I’ll think about how I want to bolus — should I take some insulin now and some over a longer period of time to account for the fat that slows down digestion? And what percentage do I take now? Over how many hours do I think it will take my stomach to digest and absorb this food?
  • When I’ve finished eating, I’ll keep tabs on my continuous glucose monitor to see if I was right or I’ll pay attention to my physical symptoms if I’m not wearing it (the CGM is a flawed machined that can get annoying with false alarms so I don’t wear it 24/7).

And this is just when I’m eating!

Of course, reading all of this — and also if you ever catch my diabetes rants on Twitter or Facebook — you might think diabetes is an all-consuming travesty on my life. And that’s not really the case either.

Sometimes, I don’t think about diabetes.

When I’m in class, diabetes rarely registers in my brain. When I’m watching television, having coffee with a friend, or reading, I can go long stretches of time without diabetes popping into my head. Unless diabetes rings the alarm with a low blood sugar, I usually don’t have a reason to think about it. If I feel fine, then I usually put diabetes off to the side and I try to stay focused in the present. Practicing mindfulness, I suppose, is one of my biggest coping mechanisms.

But there are a lot of times when I feel like I’m teetering right on the edge. When I’m running, for example. Or when I’m walking around the city, window-shopping. Or when I’m working. Or when I’m driving. Basically any time that I’m moving, because diabetes can have such disastrous physical effects when something goes wrong. I might not be actively thinking about diabetes in the same way I do when I’m eating, but I’m always aware. I’m constantly scanning my body, what I’m doing, what I’m going to be doing, what I just did. Making sure everything is flowing together. It’s like when you’re driving a car and you’re constantly scanning for other vehicles. You’re not actively using evasive maneuvers to avoid a head-on collision, but you’re ready. You’re on guard. You’re being safe by being prepared. All the time. Every day.

Diabetes is exhausting. It’s annoying. It’s frustrating. It’s unpredictable — you can do the same thing with the same meal and have two different results. It’s stupid crazy. It’s weird. It’s funny (sometimes). It’s painful. It’s loud. It’s buzzing and beeping. It’s not something I would wish on anyone, but it’s something that everyone can live a long, healthy and happy life with.

What I wish people knew about diabetes is that diabetes isn’t one thing. It’s not a piece of cake (pardon the pun) and it’s not the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to me. It encompasses a huge spectrum of feelings, both physical and emotional. It can run the entire gamut in a single day or it can stay pretty steady. Diabetes is not something I will ever be able to sum up in a 140 characters, or a blog post, or even an entire blog.

What I wish people knew about diabetes is that it is really hard to understand, even for those who have it. But we really appreciate it when you try.

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Road to the Races: Week One (Official!)

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 | Posted under Health + Fitness

I started my first official week with my coach last week so I figured I would do a reboot on my training log and start this week. My coach, Ron, sent me two weeks to start and it’s a mix of spadework (two days), two shorter runs, one longer run, and a couple days for either rest or cross-training. Seemed pretty do-able but my blood sugars were giving me nothing but trouble! It seems that whatever I thought worked really well the last time I trained for a race has changed yet again, and I have had a hard time getting through all my runs without going low. Not that I haven’t been able to accomplish anything, but it definitely didn’t go as smoothly as I would have like.

Monday — Planned: Rest or cross-train // Actual: Rest 

Tuesday — Planned: 1-2 mile warm-up, 1 min tempo/1 min recover 10x, 1-2 mile cool-down // Actual: 1 mile warm-up, 1:1 tempo, 1 mile cool-down. Felt great! I haven’t felt like I can do interval training as well as I thought so I didn’t have very high hopes but I managed to keep a pretty consistent pace through all 10 speed intervals.

Wednesday — Planned: 45 minute run // Actual: Rest. The timing for this just didn’t work the way I’d hoped!

Thursday — Planned: Rest or cross-train // Actual: 30 min run, 2.5 miles at 13:02 min/mile. I was aiming for a 45 minute run but I went low and just barely managed to eek out enough energy to get me to a full 30 minute run.

Friday — Planned: 30 min run // Actual: Rest. Ugh. Again, the whole timing of blood sugars and the rest of my life sometimes thwarts my attempts at actually running.

Saturday — Planned: 1-2 mile warm-up, 1 min tempo/1 min recover 10x, 1-2 mile cool-down // Actual: 1 mile warm-up, 1:1 tempo, about .25 mile cool-down. I went low again, but not until the very end of the speedwork so I managed to get a lot done! I went a little over 3 mile and my speed was overall faster than on Tuesday, except for at the very end when I was dropping.

Sunday — Planned: 1 hour run // Actual: 1 hour run / walk. I managed to run about 2.5 miles before my blood sugar started tanking, so I only went about 4 miles in one hour since I walked quite a bit at the end.

It’s nice having a training plan and today I have an appointment with my diabetes team so I’m hopeful they can give me some tips for tackling these low blood sugars that are plaguing my runs. On one hand it’s nice to see lows because it means that my body is using sugar so much more efficiently and I don’t need as much insulin, but it really sucks having to go through the adjustment period.

This weekend will be my first 10K since the disastrous Victory 10K last August, and I’m really excited to see how I’m doing and maybe if I can get a PR…. Stay tuned!

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Weekend Review: Volunteering, Running + Eating

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 | Posted under The Weekend, Uncategorized

Wow, what a busy weekend! And Monday wasn’t any less busy which is why my recap is on Tuesday…


After my Counseling Theories & Techniques class on Friday morning, I came home and went straight to work on writing my section of a paper for my Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy class. We’re doing a group literature review, so my section is only 2 pages long but I still had a lot of research to do! I worked on that most of the afternoon, and then Erik and I had dinner when he came home. I was super sleepy in the evening but I knew I needed to get out and run, so after a quick cat nap on the couch I rallied myself and went out for a run. I actually prefer running at night (I know, I’m crazy) and I had a really great three mile run. But when I got home, Erik was pretty much passed out on the couch himself so we ended up calling it an early night.


We slept in a little bit, made breakfast, and spent most of the morning just noodling around the house. Both of us had runs that we were going to do (although very different distances — 14 for him, 5 for me), and so we needed to let our food settle. We ended up heading out roughly at the same time, but my five mile run was a disaster. I couldn’t get a good pace going because I decided to run through a really busy section of town and then my blood sugar dropped as well, sapping my energy. I ended up walking half my loop, but I used that time to call my friend Caroline from New York so it worked out. She’s training for the Ironman Wisconsin (!) so we talked about running and her visit out here, as well as work, school, and other fun life stuff.

After I talked to her, I showered and got ready for the Junior League of Minneapolis’s One Night Fundraiser. This year was a vintage carnival theme, so I wore this red faux-lace dress from Target, since it looked quasi-20s to me. My job for the evening was to sell these New Orleans-style beaded necklaces which were going to be used for a game later called Heads or Tails. Most of the people had no clue what the game was about though, so I spent a lot of time explaining the rules. I was one of the top sellers of the beads, though, which I attribute to working retail. I can get people to buy anything!


I really need to stop tilting my head in group photos. I always look ridic.

I met a really cool lady who was also volunteering, so we grabbed dinner after the event. We took advantage of free valet parking in a really hard to park part of town! After dinner, I had to pick up some items at Cub Foods for another volunteer shift at the Crisis Nursery of Minneapolis — an emergency shelter for little kids — that I was doing the next morning. We make breakfast for them a few times a year and my idea was to make bagels with fruit faces (I googled “easy kid breakfasts” until I felt inspired). But I still decided to stay up a bit longer to work on my paper!


That ended up being a huge mistake because I was so tired the next morning! Especially since I forgot to get cream cheese at the grocery store and had a horrible nightmare that involved getting into trouble because of it. So much anxiety over cream cheese! Anyway, the faces were adorable, but the little kids didn’t seem to really want to eat very much. Some kids liked the fruit, some kids liked the bagel, but only one kid really liked both! Oh well. Little kids are a tough audience!

photo 2-11

I was super excited for my own breakfast after the shift because I was meeting up with Lisa and her friend Marisa at Wilde Roast Cafe. I had a super yummy veggie strata with lots and lots of cheese.

Since I didn’t get quite enough sleep the night before, I took a quick one hour nap before heading to work. It was a pretty good shift with no major emergencies or hiccups. When I got home from work, Erik had a little surprise waiting for me…

So backstory: On Saturday morning, when I was still upstairs, Erik shouted, “You got a gift!” Not expecting anything from anyone, I was like, “No I didn’t!” But he insisted: “Yeah, you did!” I started getting excited thinking maybe it was a surprise from my parents or a friend. But no: it was my insulin pump supplies for my diabetes. I was so mad at him! “This is not a gift!” Erik thought he was so clever: “It’s the gift of life!” Ohhhhhh snap. Anyway, I was not happy that he teased me like that, so on Sunday while I was at work, Erik bought me this:

photo 1-10

Awwwww. So sweet. I guess I’ll keep him around.

Anyway, that night we hosted a Game of Thrones premiere party! Well, more of a gathering than a party since I didn’t do any decorating. We didn’t even cook! Although we thought about doing a GOT themed menu, we decided pizza would be much easier. The show was really good and it was fun to watch it with friends. It might become a “thing” so if you live in the Twin Cities and watch Game of Thrones, let me know…


How was your weekend? 


If We Were Neighbors

Thursday, April 9th, 2015 | Posted under Home Life

I saw this post over at Krysten’s and Kara’s blogs, and I thought it was super fun! I was really social with some of our neighbors when we lived in Westchester, and when we moved to Minnesota, we didn’t know anyone for the entire six months we lived in our apartment. Then we bought a house and moved into Minneapolis, and we’ve managed to meet a couple of our neighbors which has definitely helped make it feel more like home.

But if you moved in next door, what might you notice about our house?

You’d notice me striking up a conversation. Especially if you’re new!

You’d probably get invited over to the house. I’ll probably invite you over for dinner or game night or one of the parties that we host (not that we host a lot of parties these days, but it’s something I’m trying to build up to again).

You’d see my husband’s car parked backwards. My husband is required to park company vehicles so that the front of the car is facing out so that they don’t have to drive in reverse. I pull in so my car is facing the garage, but he always turns the car around and parks backward.

You’d probably see me coming and going at odd hours. Sometimes (like today) I have to leave for work at 6am. Other days I don’t leave for work until 11am or 12pm, depending on what shift I’m working. And since my class schedule is also different, sometimes I get home in the mid afternoon, and sometimes I’m not home until after 9pm. Super unpredictable and super not fun.

You’d notice that we don’t really use our front door. The garage is in the back of the house, so we almost always leave through the back door. The only time we go through the front door is if we’re going for a run or if we are having people over. No one ever parks in our driveway, probably because they don’t know where it is!

You might notice that we don’t have a mailbox. Our mailbox is actually in the wall of our house! There’s a little slot next to our front door, and then there’s a door on the other side where we can open the mail. I loooove being able to get the mail without going outside especially in the freezing Minnesota winters!


What would I notice about you if I lived next door? 


Road to the Races: Week One

Monday, April 6th, 2015 | Posted under Health + Fitness

I shared a couple weeks ago that I have three big races (and one small race) that I’m running this year: a 10K in April, a half marathon in July, a Ragnar in August, and a marathon (eep!) in October. I’ve decided to keep myself accountable to my training in two ways.

First, I’m going to keep a log here every Monday of the running and cross-training I did the week before, especially since this is my first marathon and others might be curious about how to train for their first marathon (and also the other races I’m doing).

Second, I’m hiring a coach! It didn’t take long for me to realize that I’m a little in over my head when it comes to training, and even though Erik was able to train for his first marathon on his own, I know it wasn’t easy. I’ve also been running for more than 2 years and I’ve never really made the progress I want to make. I think having a coach to help guide my training and answer any questions that I have about my own situation. A fellow Minneapolis runner suggested her own coach, Coach Ron, to me via Twitter, and last Thursday we met at a local coffee shop. He was super nice and I definitely left feeling confident about both hiring a coach and about running all my races this year.

I’ll have an official training plan from him coming up in the next week or so, but for now I’m using a training plan that I devised by combining a marathon training plan and a half marathon training plan. So here’s what I was supposed to do last week and what I actually did.

Monday: Plan — Cross train / Actual: Nothing (oops)

Tuesday: Plan — 3 miles / Actual: 2.5 miles. I did a run around Lake of the Isles, but I cut it short because my blood sugar was running low. This was also my first attempt at just running instead of doing a run/walk routine, and it actually felt so much better to run at a more constant slower pace than it does to run fast and then walk.

Wednesday: Plan — 3 miles / Actual: Nothing (oops again). 

Thursday: Plan — Cross train or rest / Actual: 2 miles. Tried to make up Wednesday’s run on Thursday but didn’t leave enough time before needing to meet Coach Ron.

Friday: Plan — 3 miles / Actual: 1.1 miles at Orangetheory. Our cardio segment was a mix of running and rowing, so I didn’t spend as much time on the treadmill as I usually do.

Saturday: Plan — 4 miles / Actual: Nothing. I can’t even remember why I didn’t run… I just didn’t get around to it.

Sunday: Plan — Rest / Actual: 3.75 miles. Again, tried to make up a missed workout. My first 3 miles were a pretty steady pace, about 13 minute mile, but then the last .75 miles was clocked in at a 9:35/mile pace! I could tell I was running faster than before but it really didn’t feel that hard, but I was also on a very flat street in my neighborhood. I would have gone 4 miles but I miscalculated the route and it was shorter than I planned. Still, a great run overall! Definitely pays to start slow!


Have you ever hired a run coach before? 


Hello, April!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 | Posted under Monthly Check-In



Wow, it’s April already? On one hand, I’m a little sad that the year seems to be moving so quickly but on the other hand, I’m super excited that we’re pretty much done with winter because hello 80 degree weather! Yep, it was eighty (!) degrees yesterday and that’s no joke! It was nuts!

Anyway, it’s back to being cooler so that’s nice because I’m not quite ready to workout in hot weather. I’ll have plenty of that this summer. Don’t rush it, Summer. Let Spring have its moment.

Apply to new jobs. SUCCESS! I applied to a couple of jobs, and today I had a formal interview for a non-profit that specializes in mental health services for children with autism and behavioral disorders, among other things. No word on whether or not I got the job, but it’s still progress.

Find a therapist. FAIL. I did look around a bit for a therapist but I’m just not quite sure what I’m looking for right now, so I’m going to continue looking at websites and if someone seems like they would be a good fit, I’ll give them a call. It took awhile to find my last therapist and since I’m not really in a crisis mode, I don’t feel like I need to rush it. Having a therapist would be nice, but it’s not critical.

Workout at least 3 times a week. SUCCESS-ISH. I didn’t really track my workouts this month, but I would say I ran or went to OTF on average about two or three times this last month. My monthly mileage is still super low but I am actively working now on training for my races this year. You’ll definitely be hearing a lot more about running moving forward!

Eat healthier. SUCCESS-ISH. I wouldn’t say I was perfect, but I ate out a lot less and focused on healthier choices at home. My weight is actually back down to my lowest weight, so I think I shed whatever bloat I’d been holding onto. I’m hoping to be down another couple pounds in April if all goes well with my running.

Read more. FAIL. I really just… I have no excuse. I have no idea why I don’t read. I just don’t. I dork around on Twitter and Facebook and play countless hours of Candy Crush. I could have finished War and Peace by now with the amount of time I spend on the Internet. I suck. Why do I suck so much?

Anyway, on to April!

Stick to the training plan. Now that race season is right around the corner, I really need to be more diligent about running consistently. I have a 10K coming up in just a couple weeks, but I haven’t been able to get past 3 miles! Most of that is related to going low during my runs and most of that has to do with the time of day I run (I don’t do well with late afternoon runs). So I need to start carving out more time for working out and just being more aware about what I need to do in order to perform the best. Easy, no?

Read two books. I have two books right now that I want to read by the end of the month. The first is the postal book club book, which is Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, and the other one is a meet-up book club book called Let The Great World Spin. Of course, I have a ton of other books in the house that I could read, including a psych book I bought in Portland over the holidays that I still haven’t touched. Why do I even bother buying books when I know I don’t put the time in to read them? It’s a sickness.

Finish my semester with awesome grades. Only a few more weeks before my second semester is over! I’m secretly hoping to get all As again, but I don’t know if that will happen. Right now I have like a B in my Psychopathology class because I haven’t done too well on a couple of the quizzes and I think that’s going to bring my grades down. It probably won’t be terrible — like a B+ or something! — but still. I’m a little mad at myself for not time managing myself well enough to study more for that class.

Send inquiries for freelance assignments. I wrote three articles for Diabetes Forecast, the national publication for the American Diabetes Association, earlier this year but right now I’m not working on any freelance assignments. I’d really like to secure a couple more articles to work on over the summer because freelance writing pays pretty well. The main problem is the infrequency of the work, which is unfortunate because I really enjoy it!


What’s are you up to this April? 

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My Races For 2015

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 | Posted under Health + Fitness

Last week I briefly hinted about what kind of running I would be doing this year, and now, I’m finally ready to announce what I’ll be doing!

And I’ve got some really big ones!

April 25: Get In Gear 10K — I did this race last spring just after we moved to Minneapolis. It’s a really nice run up and down the Minneapolis and St. Paul sides of the Mississippi River. Last year the weather was pretty good, and since spring arrived pretty early (aside from this brief interlude of snow), I’m crossing my fingers it will be another nice run. I thought about signing up for the half marathon, but I just knew I wouldn’t be ready for it since I didn’t run much over the winter. But the 10K is something that’s pretty easy for me to train for at this point, so I’m not too worried about it!

July 4: Red, White and Boom Half Marathon — I’m sort of still on the fence about this but I’m 90% sure I will run this half marathon, namely because it starts and stops a mile away from my house! Last year’s course actually went by our house (although we weren’t living here at the time). The course is supposed to change because of some construction in another part of our neighborhood, but it will still mainly be here in Northeast Minneapolis so it’s very convenient. It’s probably going to be a really hot race, but that might be a good thing for me to run in because of this next race…

August 14-15: Ragnar Great River — That’s right! I’m doing a Ragnar!! Woohoo!! What’s a Ragnar, you might ask? Well it’s 200+ mile relay race involving a team of either 6 or 12 (12 in our case). It takes about 36 hours to complete, so you’re up all night traveling and running with your team. I will be running — and fundraising — on behalf of the JDRF, which is the leading organization fighting to cure type 1 diabetes (which I’ve had for 21 years, in case you forgot). There are a few others PWDs on the team as well, but most of the runners that I met at tonight’s kick-off are either a family member of someone with diabetes, or they are friends of someone with a connection to diabetes.


October 4 –Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon — I AM DOING IT!! Since I’ll be training all the way up to mid-August for the Ragnar, I figured why not put in another six weeks of training and do the TC Marathon while I’m at it?! Haha. Again, this will be a pretty convenient race since the start line is about three miles from our house (we picked a great running neighborhood). It’s supposed to be one of the best marathons in the country too and just about everyone in Minneapolis has done it so I know I will get a lot of good advice!


I might also run the Torchlight 5K in July and the Victory 10K or 5K (since I did so badly last year), but those are my main big races for the year. I think it’s plenty! I probably won’t have any money leftover to run anything smaller this year, but I’m really excited to get out there and run run run!


Any advice as I tackle my first Ragnar and marathon?! 


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