This Week v. 7

Friday, July 31st, 2015 | Posted under This Week

The high of my week was finishing my last class for the semester last weekend. I didn’t really enjoy the class as much as I thought I would (I don’t really like weekend seminars, because they are just too surface-y for me). So I’m really glad I have the month off from school, although I have plenty of work coming up.

The low of my week was tweaking my back. It hurt so much I had to move my chiropractor appointment up two days. He adjusted my spine, and mostly it’s tight lower back muscles so I just need to do more foam rolling so I don’t end up injured (again).

A book I am reading is The Paris Wife. And by currently reading, I mean I’m about 8 pages in, so I have no comment on it so far. But this week I read two — TWO — books, which is a record for me, I think. I read It Was Me All Along and The Rosie Project. I like both, but I think I like The Rosie Project a little bit more.

For my workouts, I did a three mile run on Monday, Orangetheory on Tuesday and a six mile run on Wednesday and then today I ran just shy of 14 miles (I didn’t do quite an out and back so that’s why I missed a little).


The best money I spent was nothing. I bought a couple coffees at some new-to-me coffeeshops around town, but other than that, I didn’t really spend any money.

My plans this weekend include leaving for Oregon and going to my friend’s wedding, although that’s actually in Washington!

How was your week? 

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July’s Link Love

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 | Posted under Link Love

linkloveAs many of you may know, for a long time (more than 80 weeks) I compiled a Friday Finds link list. It worked out great for awhile but when I started spending less time online reading random articles and more time working and in school, it became harder and harder to do a list. However, there have been many times since then where I’ve wanted to do a shout-out to a handful of blogs, but not necessarily on any kind of schedule. So I’ve decided to adopt San’s Link Love series as one of my own. I’ll probably start off monthly like her, and then increase frequency if I need to. I’m happy to bring it back because it was definitely one of my most popular series! Enjoy!


Despite being in my hometown of Portland, I haven’t had a chance to attend the World Domination Summit so I loved reading Jessica’s recap

14 Things You Should Do When You Move to a New Town

I recently finished a Multicultural class, and I thought this article on developing a White identity from a Christian perspective was really insightful

For all my bookworm readers, here are some of the most beautiful sentences in literature

10 Hard Life Lessons You Learn in Your 20s

There are four different kinds of introversion, and sadly, I think I might be the anxious introvert

Some great, practical tips on living a healthier life

I adore Vogue’s series of 73 questions with famous people (that’s the link to Nicole Kidman)


And finally, this is an amazing compilation of some of the best dance sequences in movies (there’s also a remake version floating on Facebook set to a remix of Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough — both are great, but this is the only one I could embed and it’s the original so the music and the clips are synced a bit better).


This Week v. 6

Friday, July 24th, 2015 | Posted under This Week

The high of my week was my really busy social weekend was awesome, but another high of the week was getting our ceiling fan fixed! My brother-in-law came over on Wednesday to install it and it’s just so awesome to have a working light in our stairwell again! We also talked about a couple of other possible electrical projects in the downstairs hallway and in our kitchen. We still have some investigating to do, but at least they are options.

The low of my week was probably just some crazy blood sugars, especially on Sunday and Tuesday. The Tuesday blood sugar fiasco was a bummer because it cut my run short. I tried to take less insulin to prevent a low during my long run, but then I just ended up going super high. I can’t run very well on either extremes, so it just sucks.

A book I am reading is It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell. I saw it at the library and had read about it on another blog, so I picked it up. It’s pretty good, although a little overwrought with adjectives. It’s quick read though!

For my workouts, I did a four mile run on Monday, a ten mile run on Tuesday, and an Orangetheory workout yesterday (ran 2 miles there).

The best money I spent was this chip and dip platter and a replacement for this divided serving dish (Erik accidentally broke our previous one). Between my associate discount, the Daily Deal discount, and my $20 reward certificate for having their credit card, both of these were only $5! Woohoo!

My plans this weekend include going to a two day seminar on trauma and play therapy and working a long shift on Sunday, but tonight my friend Chelsea and her husband are coming over to grill. I haven’t seen her for a few weeks so I’m looking forward to hanging out!

How was your week? 


Virtual Coffee Date at Coffee Shop Northeast

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 | Posted under About Me, Minneapolis

Last month I started a new series based on the popular “Virtual Coffee Date” posts used by many bloggers. In my coffee dates, I showcase a local coffee shop in the Twin Cities! 

Today I’m writing from Coffee Shop Northeast, located not too far from where my last post was written (Anelace Coffee). Coffee Shop Northeast is located at the corner of 29th and Johnson, which is very popular because it’s also the intersection of Hazel’s Restaurant, known for their ridiculously long lines and delicious brunches. Coffee Shop Northeast is a huge place, split between two spaces, the smaller front room with a few tables and the larger back room with more tables, a couch and comfy leather seats. They hang (and sell!) local art from artists on their wall and they have really cool light fixtures. They also have music nights and open mic nights, which I haven’t been to, but definitely plan on!


Coffee Shop Northeast has a huge food and drink menu, so you can pretty much get anything your heart desires. They also offer more organic and vegan options, so it’s great for the health conscious! Today, I’m drinking an iced dirty chai. It’s not exactly the prettiest drink the whole world, but I was introduced to the dirty chai when I first came here so I think of it as a tradition. A dirty chai, for those who don’t know, is a combination of espresso and chai, but it mostly just tastes like chai. It’s super yummy!


If we were having coffee (or chai!) today, I would tell you that Erik and I are trying a new budgeting system for the family. We really want to pay down our debt before we have kids, and we have a ways to go, so we’re trying to be more strict with ourselves. The way I contribute is that my Pier 1 paycheck goes to our joint spending, and my babysitting money goes toward my own personal expenses, such chai tea. However, in general we’re trying to pay more with cash, and less with debit (and definitely not credit!) so that we can have a firmer idea of how much money we’re really spending. We’re also trying to be more strict with how much money we spend on food and other household purchases. We recently decided that Trader Joe’s is definitely the cheapest place for us to buy groceries, even though you’d think otherwise! But for us, it’s true. We also really like the quality of food, so it works out!

If we were having coffee (or chai!) today, I would also tell you that Erik and I have recently started a new money-making venture… hosting on AirBNB! Right now we are hosting our first guest, a PhD student at the University of Minnesota who is staying with us for two weeks (he leaves next week). Ironically, he also from Portland! He reserved our downstairs guest bedroom the day after I listed it! After hosting Kayce for most of June, we realized that it wasn’t really that intrusive to have someone in the house, especially when they are self-sufficient and you don’t have to entertain them like you do a guest. So why not make some money from it? We haven’t had any more reservations since then, but we’re hoping that once he leaves and writes us a (hopefully) good review, we’ll get more reservations.

If we were having coffee (or chai!) today, I would tell you that today was my last day of my Multicultural class and this weekend is my two day seminar on trauma and play therapy. But I am so ready for a break from school. I only had one week off in May between semesters, so I am so excited to have a month off for summer vacation. My big plan for my August break is to do a lot reading, running and writing (I have a few assignments to due in mid-August).

If we were having coffee (or chai!) today, I would tell you that I’m super excited to be heading to Oregon next week. We’re firming up some plans for what we’re going to do, which includes Kayce’s wedding, visiting a couple of Erik’s friends, touring the Oregon wine country, shopping with my mom, and hanging out with my grandma and uncle who are coming up on my birthday (August 6, btw). I’m hoping we’ll have time to check out Salt & Straw, which is supposed to be the best ice cream parlor in town. I love ice cream — it’s my favorite dessert — so I can’t wait!

If we were having coffee (or chai!) today, I would tell you that now is a great time to join the Junior League of Minneapolis if you’re interested! Unfortunately I forgot to post this earlier, because there was an info session last night, but there is also an info session on Saturday, August 29. I can send more information if you’re interested! A lot of people think of The Help or sorority sisters when they think of Junior League, but that’s not really true. Junior League is a volunteer organization focused on women and children, and our league specifically focuses on the achievement gap. It’s kind of a time commitment (and it’s not exactly cheap either, fyi), but if you’re looking for a way to volunteer in your community, meet lots of new people and go to fun events, then you should definitely attend an info session (which is free!). I have been in Junior League for three years, and it’s been so helpful in my move to Minnesota in particular. I have quickly gotten to know the community through volunteering at different non-profits and I know I’m making a difference in a place where we plan to be long-term. Plus I have met some really great friends! In fact, one of them is coming over with her husband tomorrow for dinner! Junior League exists in almost every metro area in the country, and summer is when they do most of their recruiting, so if you’re interested, I highly suggest looking to see if a League is in your area.


Weekend Recap: The Social Butterfly Edition

Monday, July 20th, 2015 | Posted under Minneapolis, The Weekend

Most of our weekends are not this jam-packed with social engagements, but for an extrovert like me, it was a much welcomed change!

My weekend felt like it started on Friday because my “work” for the day was babysitting two girls, ages 4 and 6, and our big activity for the day was going to the Minnesota Children’s Museum. Erik and I are not able to start trying for kids right now, so babysitting gives me a little bit of an outlet for my biological clock that’s going tick-tick-tick! I know babysitting is not the same as having your own kids (from what I can tell from parents, kids are way better behaved for a babysitter), but I’ll take what I can get.

After their dad got home, I drove back to the house to change and get ready to go a wine and cheese party hosted by Erik’s co-worker, Scott. We’ve sort of formed this little trio of couples, including Erik and I, Scott and his girlfriend, and then another co-worker, Jocelyn, and her boyfriend. We meet up for drinks or dinner every few weeks. Scott made a bolognese sauce with fresh pasta, and then Erik and I brought two kinds of cheese (a mild stinky cheese and a goat cheese), crackers and challah bread, and Jocelyn and her boyfriend brought three more cheese, include a blueberry goat cheese that was delicious! The combination of the blueberry cheese on the sweet challah bread was like eating dessert as an appetizer. Both of us got our cheeses at Surdyk’s, a local wine and cheese chain, and they also brought some pastries as Kramarczuks, an Eastern European delicatessen in Northeast Minneapolis. Sadly, I did not take any pictures of the food.

I had to wake up way too early on Saturday morning to go to work at Pier 1. It was pretty slow for a Saturday morning, which was okay because I was pretty tired from being up late the night before. After work, I came home, took a quick cat nap and also did a couple of errands before heading over to my friend Allison’s apartment to go swimming in her pool. Erik was out doing some car repairs, so he met up with us there. After swimming for a couple hours (okay — floating in the pool and talking), we went over to Red Robbin’s for dinner because I have been craving onion rings like crazy for the past few weeks. I love onion rings.



When we got home that night, we watched Inside Llewyn Davis, which was actually pretty good. I was a little nervous because it’s a Coen Brothers movie. Their movies are always a little on the dark side for my taste, but this one was pretty good. It also had a lot of great actors in it, like Carey Mulligan and John Goodman.

Erik and I both said we wanted to go to church the next morning, but even deciding well in advance meant that we were ten minutes late to the service. I was not feeling super good, so I was pretty sluggish the whole morning. We spotted my brother-in-law, Jim, his wife, Aleta, and their younger daughter, Faith, and so we sat with them and chatted for a bit after the service. Faith had to run off to see a friend, but the four of us ended up going to Noodles for lunch before our day of errands.

After grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s (which is always like half what it costs at any other grocery store), I decided that I really didn’t feel good and took a nice hour long nap before heading to Insight Brewing for a tweet-up organized by Laura at One Girl Two Cities. I also met Rachel, Kati and Sara, who I have wanted to meet for awhile, so that was really fun.

Erik had started mowing the lawn while I was gone, but we took a quick break to go to Home Depot to buy a new ceiling fan to replace the one that broke a few weeks ago. Jim is an electrician so he’s coming over tomorrow to install it. When we got home, I made dinner while Erik finished with the lawn and then we relaxed in front of the boob tube for a couple of hours to watch our picture shows, True Detective (now talk about dark and depressing) and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (also somewhat dark and depressing).


I finished the evening with a quick call home to my mom to chat about our upcoming trip and to also give her my birthday wish-list. I still can’t believe I’m going to be 30 in two weeks!

How was your weekend? 


Me From A to Z

Friday, July 17th, 2015 | Posted under About Me

I’ve filled out A to Z (as well as other styles) memes before, but right now I’m in a blogging slump. Between work and school, there’s not much exciting stuff going on in my life. There should be some cool stuff to write about in the coming weeks, what with going to Oregon and TURNING THIRTY OHMYGOD. But until then, you’re stuck with this.

A. Age: Cherishing the last few weeks of my twenties.

B. Biggest fear: Losing loved ones.

C. Current time: 10:35 p.m.

D. Drink you had last: Chianti, water and coffee at dinner.

E. Easiest person to talk to: My husband.

F. Favorite song: “We Belong To The Music” by Miley Cyrus. I heard this over the music mix that they play at Pier 1, and normally most of the songs are ones that I get sick of really fast, but I love this song so much I bought it on iTunes!

G. Grossest memory: Oh I don’t know. Probably something involving vomit.

H. Hometown: Portland-ish (sorry, parents still live in the hometown and I don’t feel comfortable posting it yet)

I. In love with: Erik

J. Jealous of: People who can travel the world and be location independent.

K. Kindest person you know: My maternal grandma. She is nice on overdrive.


L. Longest relationship: I’m assuming they mean romantic? That would be Erik — we’ve been together for six and half years.

M. Middle name: Michelle

N. Number of siblings: 1.

O. One wish: A cure for diabetes. (And world peace.)

P. Person you spoke to on the phone last: I called Orangetheory Fitness because I was running late and didn’t want them to give my spot away. So the last person I spoke to was one of their sales associates.

Q. Question you’re always asked: Probably something related to diabetes. Ranging from “Can you eat that?” (Yes) to “Does it hurt to take shots/prick your finger?” (Well, sort of) to “Is that the bad kind of diabetes?” (There’s a good kind?) to “But you’re totally fine and in control, right?” (HAHAHAHAHAHA)

R. Reason to smile: Seeing my parents in two weeks and celebrating my friends’ wedding!

S. Song you last sang: This meme clearly doesn’t know me very well. I don’t sing.

T. Time you woke up: 8:20 a.m.

U. Underwear color: Pink

V. Vacation destination: My favorite places I’ve been to are Paris, London and San Francisco (and NYC, but not really since I lived there). But I want to go to Italy, Israel, and Australia.


W. Worst habit: Cracking my joints.

X. X-rays you’ve had: I’ve had two on my foot for stress fractures, and then the X-rays on my teeth.

Y. Your favorite food: Popcorn. Definitely popcorn. I’m an addict. I have it 2-3 times a week.

Z. Zodiac sign: Leo.

What’s your latest fave song? Where is your dream vacation destination? 


Marriage Isn’t Boring

Thursday, July 9th, 2015 | Posted under Love + Marriage, Personal Essays

I wasn’t sure what to write about for today, my fourth wedding anniversary. I haven’t really written much in the past about love and marriage. Just a few things here and there. But last night I spotted a Facebook article that a friend shared, and it really struck a nerve with me. Feel free to read it before continuing with this post.

The thing that struck me most with this article is what I feel is severely misplaced blame for why a person becomes “boring” (and who’s to say what boring is, right?). To me, it’s not the relationship that makes a person boring, it’s the person’s own choice for how they are going to be in that relationship. Some people might really want a relationship to change them in the ways the author describes as being negatives. Some people might see those changes as a positive result of being in a relationship! But some people don’t want to become couch potatoes, and that’s fine too.

But being in a relationship will not make you that way. You will make you that way. It’s the choices you make in response to the circumstances you are in. It’s Psychology 101, frankly, and it really bothers me that this woman — and perhaps thousands of others — view it as a foregone conclusion that once you are in a relationship you are a dull, useless waste of space.

I wonder what Beyonce, Hilary Clinton, Oprah and Tina Fey would have to say about that. I certainly don’t think any of them are boring and they have been in a relationship (with the same person) for a very, very long time. Just in case my four years of wedded bliss doesn’t cut it for you.

Personally, I think I’m just as adventurous — if not more — because I’m married to Erik. Erik is my match, he is the person who makes me better, not worse. That’s why I’m with him. Together, we’ve traveled to a half dozen new states and two countries. We’ve experienced numerous cultural events (we met Gandalf, for crying out loud! How much more exciting can you get?!), we moved to a new state, started new jobs, explored new areas. That’s because we are on the same wavelength. But it’s true that this wouldn’t necessarily be the case if I was with someone else.

If you’re afraid of being in a relationship because it will change you, well, yes, it will change you. But how it changes you depends entirely on you. It’s like saying, “I don’t want to get a job because then I’ll be boring, tired and mean because all the people I see who work are boring, tired and mean.” Well, yeah, if you have a job that overworks you or treats you poorly, then yes, you’ll probably be boring, tired and mean. But if you find a job that is perfect — or at least, as close as you can get — then it will bring out the best in you. You’ll showcase your amazing talents and personality and everyone will love you because you are living authentically as you.

I know it’s a lot of pressure, but the success of the relationship is based on the people in the relationship. It’s a two-sided effort, you and your partner. It won’t work great with everyone, and it’s not supposed to. But don’t go blaming the institution of marriage or of romance because you don’t want to turn out like the people you don’t want to be like. Don’t want to be like them? Then make different choices. Don’t give your power away.

My favorite adventure partner

Dancing the Conga line of life



30 Days Til 30

Monday, July 6th, 2015 | Posted under Personal Essays

Do you know what today is? Today, I am thirty days away from being 30 years old. Crazy, right?

So a few months back, I created a 30 before 30 list and like most bucket lists, I promptly forgot about it. There are only a handful of things I actually did on the list (run a half marathon, visit Oregon, get a 4.0, lower my A1C below 7%, and be debt free). Of course, some of those I wasn’t able to maintain. My GPA is now 3.87 thanks to a B last semester, my A1C was over 7% at my last appointment, and I’m back to carrying a balance on my credit card. Whoops.

I’ll be crossing off a few more items in the coming months, but nothing will get done before turning the big 3-0 — I’m visiting Madison in September, I’ll run a marathon in October, and hopefully be even closer to reaching my goal of losing 30 lbs (I’m about halfway to that goal from when I wrote the list). Not too bad, but I think I’m at the point in my life where it’s easy to write a long list of aspiration goals but to be honest, I feel like I made up a lot of stuff in order to satisfy some kind of number by an arbitrary deadline.

What do I want to accomplish in the next month? Well, I think I’d like to read a book. I haven’t read a book in awhile because [fill in lame excuses here]. I think I’d like to do a face-lift on the blog. I’ve seen some nice redesigns (Stephany and Lisa, for example), so I’m contemplating shelling out some cash for a remade template. I want to make sure to have fun and enjoy the summer, make some new friends, visit some new places. Drink lots of margaritas.

I’m not going to lose a bunch of weight or travel to several new countries (or even one new country) or anything like that in the next 30 days. Whatever I’ve accomplished by now is what I will have accomplished by my 30th birthday and I’m okay with that. I’ve done a lot. I don’t need to be ashamed or embarrassed even if my life isn’t exactly where I thought it would be. I suppose I want to take the next month (and the months after that) to slow down and appreciate where I am, what I have, and where I’m going. I spend a lot of time thinking about the future, worrying about timelines and to-do lists. I could blame it on grad school, but I’ve sort of always been this way. I want to enjoy my life as it is, not as I think it should be for someone on the cusp of a new decade.


Playing Tour Guide

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 | Posted under Minneapolis, The Weekend

Since June 8th, Kayce, one of my best friends from growing up has been visiting to do a medical rotation at the local county hospital. This past weekend, her fiancé, Bjorn, came to stay with us too and the four of us had so much fun checking out different places around Minneapolis.

On Thursday night, I had my last class for Systemic Interviewing, which is basically a four hour role-play class. Each student is a therapist for an hour to the other three students who are pretending to be some kind of family unit. It’s totally exhausting and I was thrilled to be done with the class (although I’ll have even more role playing classes in the fall). It was past 9:00 by the time I got home, and Erik had picked up Bjorn from the airport and they were hanging out at Sociable Cider Werks with some of Erik’s co-workers. After grabbing something quick to eat, I walked over (we live a block away) and hung out for a bit playing “corn holes” (that’s what they call a bean bag toss). Kayce was working late for her shift at the hospital, so Erik and I went to bed before we saw her.

Kayce was working nights, so she slept in pretty late since she didn’t get home until 4am! When we finally all woke up on Friday morning, I decided to take them down to the St. Anthony neighborhood, which is along the Mississippi and right across from downtown. Originally I had planned on going to one restaurant, but I parked further away that I anticipated so we ended up going to Aster Cafe instead. We had delicious flatbread and chips and guacamole.

photo 1-21


It was such a nice day so we went for a little walk down by the river and checked out the St. Anthony Falls. Then we walked down Hennepin Ave to Mill City Running so I could get some fuel for my long run the next day, and we also stopped at Surdyk’s to get some wine and cheese. Bjorn is a cheese aficionado so he picked out some really interesting flavors to try!

photo 2-22

We dropped off the cheese at the house but we still had some time to kill before I had to be at work, so I decided it would a good time for some ice cream! We drove over to St. Paul to get ice cream at Izzy’s, which is a little overpriced but still really, really good. Then I drove us down Summit Avenue, where the nicest homes of St. Paul are, and all the way down to the Cathedral of St. Paul, which is just gorgeous.

After I finished work Friday night, I met up with Erik, Bjorn and Kayce at the Mill Northeast for a very late dinner. I ordered their ribs, which were spicy but very good (although I didn’t care for the sides that came with it — I’m neither a potato nor coleslaw girl).

I made a promise to myself to finally get up early on Saturday morning and go for my long run, but even though I set my alarm for 6:30 a.m., I still don’t think it was early enough! I managed to get 11 out of 12 miles done, which was good, but I was so hot and sluggish by the end. I’m really struggling with these long runs, even though my pace for my 3-5 mile runs are really improving.

We went to a very late brunch at Eat Street Social, but it was a disappointing experience for me. My crepes, which were good, were really tiny and I didn’t leave very satisfied. On top of that, there was hardly anyone there and the table next to us were so incredibly loud and obnoxious. I mean, they were celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage, so it’s hard to be too upset but they were just being super loud and vulgar and it was hard to tune them out to have our own conversations. It’s fine when there’s enough ambient noise but when it’s just you and another table? So obnoxious.

The rest of Saturday afternoon was actually spent at home because Kayce and I were both pretty beat and the city was pretty crazy with the Pride Weekend festivities going on. I just didn’t have the energy to deal with crowds. Erik and Bjorn went rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors, Kayce slept before her shift, and I left for my shift at Pier 1. When I came home, Erik, Kayce and Bjorn sitting around our fire pit in the backyard and they were… making s’mores! My favorite! Definitely a great way to end an otherwise disappointing day.

photo 4-8

We once again slept in pretty late on Sunday morning, but then rallied and headed down to Mall of America. We had the intention of going on some rides, but it ended up being a little too expensive for just one or two rides. It’s a much better deal to go for a whole day, so we planned on doing that again another time. Instead, we played mini-golf and ate gelato before dropping Bjorn off at the airport.

And that was our weekend! It was fun playing tour guide in Minneapolis, but also hard because I haven’t been here long enough to have a lot of “must sees” or anything. But it’s slowly get easier to think of things to show off now that I’m more familiar with the Twin Cities.



Around Here

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 | Posted under Monthly Check-In

(Hat tip to Kathleen and Stephany)

~ Kayce, one of my best friends from basically forever (we met in first grade!) has been staying with us for the past two weeks and it has been so much fun. Since she’s here to work at a hospital and study for a big exam, she has been pretty self-sufficient and it hasn’t been super stressful  trying to keep her entertained or coordinate our schedules. She has keys to the house, she has a car that she’s borrowing from our next-door neighbors (who are seriously the best neighbors ever), and she has her own half bathroom in our guest room. We haven’t been able to do too much, since all of us are super busy. But we’ve had a few dinners together, went to Mall of America to go shopping last Tuesday, and we went to brunch on Sunday. This weekend her fiancé will be coming to visit, right when all of our schedules are crazy, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens!


Celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday

~ So I fell and hurt my knees pretty badly a couple weeks ago. I was running at night and tripped over an uneven sidewalk. Did some mighty good damage on my knees. It’s been pretty nasty and hurt a lot (don’t worry, I won’t post any pictures). I did end up going to urgent care last week because it was so painful, and the doctor told me how to better take care of my wounds. They weren’t infected or anything, I just needed to keep cleaning them and also keep them covered, which I hadn’t been doing.

~ Because of my injury, I decided not to do the half marathon next week. I just haven’t been running enough, obviously, and it doesn’t make sense to do it at this point. I did go out for a short two mile run tonight and did really well! So I didn’t lose too much fitness, but I’m just going to focus on training for the Ragnar and the marathon, because both of those are paid for. So I have to do them.

~ The light fixture of our second floor ceiling fan collapsed over the weekend. It was so crazy! I was putting away my clothes and suddenly I hear this loud clash of glass shattering. I ran out of the closet (we have a tiny walk-in) and I was like, “What was that?!” and then looked in the hallway and there was glass everywhere. I had noticed that the light fixture would shake a bit when we had the fan on, but I had no idea it would just go flying! A lot of glass also landed on our stairs, and I’m just glad no one was out there when it happened!

~ I’m almost done with my June classes and I’m so excited. I’ve enjoyed this semester in that I’ve learned a lot about multiculturalism and diversity, which has just been super relevant considering everything going on in the world. It has definitely stretched me to consider things I hadn’t before, and I feel like I’m a more well-rounded individual. That being said, it has been a lot of classes this month! Basically half my classes for the semester are just in the month of June, so it’s just a lot! I feel like I’ve missed out on some social opportunities in the Twin Cities and I’m looking forward to July when things calm down.

~ Things I’m looking forward to:

  • July: our 4th anniversary (what what!)
  • August: turning 30, going to Oregon, Kayce’s wedding, and running the Ragnar
  • September: seeing my friend Caroline run a full IronMan and visiting Madison
  • October: the marathon and Erik’s birthday
  • November: Thanksgiving? Nothing major is planned so far in November…
  • December: HAWAII!! We are officially booked for a condo in Maui with my parents and my younger brother for the week of Christmas, and then we’ll stay a couple nights on the Big Island so we can see Kilauea. SOOOOO FLIPPING EXCITED!



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