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295744c874fde980ccbe9b2a2725a65fCompletely ridiculous yet totally real medical diagnostic codes

A beautiful essay on marriage and love over the years

Tylenol might not be any better than a placebo

Creating a half-marathon training plan

How male entitlement twists their attitude toward women

Jezebel takes on women against feminism (I’m a feminist because I know what the word actually means)

The problem with hate reading blogs

Things we millenials supposedly don’t spend money on


Tomorrow is the big day!! We’re moving into our house! I’ve been painting all week and my back is killing me but everything looks really good. Tomorrow night we’re celebrating my nephew’s big 30th birthday and on Sunday I’m going to a Minnesota blogger brunch. I’m pretty excited to meet more bloggers from the area! Then it will be an afternoon of unpacking and settling into the house, but we’re planning on checking out a big summer block party at Sociable Cider Werks. Should be a good time!

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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 | Posted under Currently

7fec91c309b42a3d994a966208344cd1Reading… nothing right now, but I finished Allegiant (the third Divergent book) when we are on the North Shore. I know the end is controversial, but I thought it was okay. It was at least believable, unlike Mockingjay. I’m still angry about Mockingjay.

Giving… my two weeks notice at my job at the nursing home. Now that I’m not doing nutrition anymore, I decided to look for a new job elsewhere.

Starting… a new job at a running store! I decided to email a running store that I saw while I was on one of my runs. It turns out they were looking for someone to start once some of the part-time college students go back to school! I’m also going to help them with some of their social media. I start in August and I’m really excited!

Registered… for my classes this fall at Saint Mary’s! I will be taking Theories of Personality, Developmental Psychology and Statistical Techniques & Research Methods. I’m also taking a four week course called Orientation to the Profession of Counseling.

Packing… for our big move this weekend! We’ve barely started, but since we don’t have to be out of our apartment until the end of the month there is less pressure. Unlike when we moved in January which was full of pressure!

Working… on painting our house! I spent the weekend figuring out different paint colors for the house, and then on Monday I started painting the living room. It was 90 degrees and we didn’t have an A/C unit in the living room! It was awful. Later today I’m going to paint my office, and on Friday I’ll paint our bedroom. I can’t wait to show it off when everything is all moved in!

Planning… our housewarming party! Who wants to come over?

Thinking… about starting up my Ladies’ Book Exchange here. It was so fun and I miss the girls in New York, but I think it would be nice to keep it going. I already have a few ideas for what kind of theme I want to do.

Excited… to meet another young couple that lives next door to us. That makes two young couple neighbors! I also learned that one of the husbands owns a local cider brewery called Sociable Cider Werks. Since I don’t like beer, Sociable is pretty much my favorite place. How cool is it that they own the place?!

Feeling… a lot more settled. So that’s nice.


Tuesday Wisdom

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 | Posted under Tuesday Wisdom


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Showing You My Pump

Monday, July 21st, 2014 | Posted under Diabetes

Who knew wearing an insulin pump could get so much publicity?! During the recent Miss Idaho competition, one woman, Sierra Sandison, wore her insulin pump clipped to her bikini. It has received a ton of publicity from mainstream media and it has even become a hashtag (#showmeyourpump) on Twitter after Sierra encouraged other diabetics to show off their insulin pump.

I have worn an insulin pump almost continuously for 14 years. When I first started wearing a pump in 2000, I wore a pump from a company called Medtronic. The pump was a Minimed 508.

My old insulin pump

A couple years ago, I took a break for about a year and half before switching to a new brand of insulin pump. This brand of insulin pump makes it a little harder to see because I can wear it completely under my clothes. It’s called an Omnipod and there are no tubes because it sits directly on my skin. Sometimes you can see a little lump under my clothes, but most of the time you really have to be looking for it. Some people wear their pods more exposed, on their legs or their arms, and I tried that once but it didn’t feel as comfortable. So I choose to wear it on my lower back or stomach. I have to change the pod every 3 days. When I was on a tubed pump, I changed the set (the part in me) every 3 days.


I chose to wear an insulin pump because I feel that it helps me manage my blood sugars more precisely, especially when training for my half marathon. It took a long time to figure out exactly what my body needs, and I think that wearing an insulin pump helps me manage this the best. Plus, I absolutely detest taking injections! When I was on injections, I had to take a shot every time I wanted to eat something and I found that really annoying.

More and more people are hearing about insulin pumps, in part because of Sierra but also because insulin pumps are more and more commonly used to treat diabetes. But there are still a lot of misconceptions about what an insulin pump is and what it does.

Let’s take a little quiz to see how much you know about insulin pumps and diabetes –

True or False: Wearing a pump means your diabetes is bad.


Wearing an insulin pump does not mean someone’s diabetes is bad. Diabetes happens when the immune system destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, which makes it impossible for the body to properly regulate blood sugar. People with diabetes have to replace this insulin. You can do this via injections, an insulin pump, or (as of a few weeks ago) by inhaling insulin. You cannot digest insulin. Whether you take shots or wear a pump, you still need insulin. These are just different ways of getting it into your body.

True or False: An insulin pump does everything for you.


An insulin pump is only a tool to get the insulin into the body. An insulin pump doesn’t do any thinking. We do all the thinking! We determine how much insulin we need based on our current blood sugar level (so we still prick our fingers and /or wear a continuous glucose monitor), our activity level and what we are eating. Researchers are working on a way to make this automated, but it’s still being developed.

True or False: An insulin pump can give you more freedom and flexibility.


In the Dark Ages of Diabetes, people were on very strict meal plans. They had to eat the same amount of food no matter how hungry they were. Today, an insulin pump (as well as certain types of insulin that you can inject) allows people to choose what they want to eat. No longer must we cringe and cower in the face of cake, cookies and other deliciousness. We can eat that!

True or False: Everyone should be on an insulin pump!


While an insulin pump has some added benefits, such as being able to reduce or increase insulin intake if activity level suddenly changes, it isn’t for everyone. Some people are not comfortable wearing an external device while others find that the insulin pump doesn’t have any added benefits compared to taking injections. An insulin pump is not for everyone! There are several different ways to manage diabetes, and wearing an insulin pump is just one of them.

Hopefully this helped clear up some misconceptions that you might have about why people wear an insulin pump, or maybe why someone isn’t wearing an insulin pump. If you still have questions, send me an email or leave a comment. I’m happy to answer!


Friday Finds

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58722285b73dfdfd731ce78f3cead1e6Short but sweet this week:

Sorry INFJers: the Myers-Briggs test is a sham

The real reason breaking a habit is so hard

The real Alex Vause from Orange Is The New Black

Do you really never regret a workout? Cuz I sure do 

An interesting take on why people believe the supernatural irrationalities of religion

Filed under Kick Ass: the first woman to complete the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course


This weekend Erik and I are starting the big task of packing our apartment for our move to our house next weekend. I spent most of this afternoon shuttling back and forth between the house and Home Depot as I tried to figure out the best paint colors for our living room, bedroom and my office. I think I found the right colors, but I need to Erik to approve them first. Then I’ll spend next week doing a lot of painting as well as meeting with a few contractors who will be giving us estimates on how much it will cost to redo the downstairs bathroom (which is essentially nonfunctional) and do a little upgrading to the kitchen. The kitchen really just needs a facelift, not a remodel, so we’re hoping we can do that within reason but the bathroom? I’m afraid. Very, very afraid.

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Three on Thursday: Cars, Babies, and the Tropics

Thursday, July 17th, 2014 | Posted under About Me

One… We have a new (to us) car! We found out a couple weeks ago that Ingrid, our cute but crappy Saab, was terminally ill. She’s been giving us issues pretty much from day one, but we found out that what we thought was just an annoying issue with the coolant was actually a hugely serious issue with the engine. Our mechanic suggested bailing on it rather than dumping any more money into the car. Erik sold it to a local mechanic who fixes up cars for a decent price given all the work that was needed. Because we were about to leave for vacation, we didn’t have a lot of time to buy a car. We saw on Infiniti G35 — Erik’s dream car — but there was a huge chunk of the sideview mirror missing and it just didn’t seem that nice of a car given the price. But Erik was pretty set on that car, so on Tuesday night, we went to another dealership to look at a different Infiniti G35. And we have a winner! Pretty snazzy, huh?


Two… I found out a couple days ago that my cousin is pregnant and due next spring! I also got the invite to my niece’s baby shower, and have two more friends who are currently pregnant as well. So many babies! (But not for me. No, ma’am!)

Three… I’m doing some preliminary research into a tropical family trip this Christmas. I’m not sure what kind of budget we have (the parental units are helping) so I’m trying to get an idea of where we might want to go and what we might want to do. I know Erik and I are leaning toward Central America — Belize or Costa Rica specifically — but we’re pretty open. Just something warm and fun for the holidays! Have you taken a trip to the tropics for the holidays? Have any suggestions?

Glovers-Atoll-Resort-and-Island-Lodge-at-BelizeNow that’s what I call a Merry Christmas!

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Exploring the Midwest: The North Shore

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 | Posted under Travel

Even before we moved to Minnesota, people have been telling me that I needed to visit the North Shore. Now that we’re in the midst of our first summer in Minnesota, we decided to seize the opportunity and visit the North Shore over our anniversary weekend! Erik was in charge of most of the planning, since he knew more about the area having visited the North Shore many times growing up. We rented a cute little condo at Chateau Leveaux, which had views of Lake Superior from the communal backyard, plus a path down to some private lakefront area.

We drove up on Thursday and stopped in Duluth for lunch. We went to Fitger’s Brewhouse Brwery and Grille. I had a delicious wild rice veggie burger. Minnesotans are really into their native wild rice! Then we spent about an hour visiting a local street fair. After another two hour drive, we arrived at the condo. We checked out the lakefront area and it was gorgeous! And I started to learn how to skip rocks! Yep. Never learned until now.

photo 1(14)

photo 2(21)

The weather on Friday was pretty dreary so we didn’t do much except hang out at the condo. I read a book while Erik did some photography. We did stop at Cascade Falls State Park after running a couple of errands. The waterfall was very dirty looking, which we learned was mostly from the iron in the area as well as local bogs and marshes. When the chemicals from the iron mix with water and are swirled from the rocks, it also gets this foamy look. The water kind of looks like root beer! Later that night, I went for a really nice run (it was so cool out!) and then we watched Captain Phillips. Excellent movie.

photo 3(15)

On Saturday we drove up to Grand Marais where we visited the local Arts Festival. There was a lot of beautiful photography although we can’t really afford anything now, but we took lots of notes!


Then we drove up to Grand Portage, which is the location of an old trading post from the days of the North West Company and the voyageurs that helped trade goods for beaver pelts. We learned a little bit about the voyageurs and the North West Company when we went to Montreal a couple years ago, so it was neat to see another stop along their journey. We drove back to Grand Portage and had dinner at a little restaurant called The Crooked Spoon, which has really delicious ribs and mashed sweet potatoes if you’re ever in the area.

photo 4(10)

Sunday was our big outdoor day. Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest. It kept alternating between rain and sun all day — we could hardly keep up! We started over with an overlook at Silver Bay, and then all the way down to Gooseberry Falls, which is practically back at Duluth. Gooseberry Falls is a very popular tourist destination, but it was lovely and definitely worth the trip. We also hiked a short trail to the shore. We had thought about biking from Gooseberry Falls to Split Rock Lighthouse, but the timing didn’t work out because my blood sugar was dropping and we needed to eat lunch.

photo 3(17)

I had heard about this place called Betty’s Pies so we drove there for lunch. It was incredibly crowded, but so good! I had a burger and a Great Lakes pie, which had pretty much every berry you could think of. So good! Then we visited Split Rock Lighthouse, which was built to help boats sail into Duluth without crashing into the rocks. The type of rock on the shore interferes with compasses, so it was very dangerous!

photo 5(7)

Later that night, we cooked smoked brats over the firepit in the backyard and roasted s’mores. We had some help starting the fire from the family staying in the condo above us, and then later that night the couple and their three children came down to chat and eat s’mores with us. It was really fun. They were a very nice family.

We drove back to Minneapolis on Monday, and only briefly stopping for lunch. I had to work Monday night so we didn’t really have time for any sightseeing. It was such a lovely and relaxing vacation. Erik and I have had a lot going on the last few months, so we really needed a break! Now it’s back to the grind…


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Tuesday Wisdom

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 | Posted under Tuesday Wisdom

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

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Friday Finds

Friday, July 11th, 2014 | Posted under Friday Finds

15216Before we get to the finds, congratulations to Meg for winning a copy of ALL FOUR STARS, by Tara Dairman! Woohoo!

Seven Friends Every Woman Needs

For my introverted readers: Introvert’s Guide to Blogging

A fun quiz: How bitchy are you? (I’m 46% bitchy)

Tips on making a new place feel like home

Research shows fitspiration can backfire

25 common words that you’ve got wrong

I love these 5 practical ways to practice self-love

These layered caramel crunch pops look tasty

Apparently this essay on childcare and feminism is over a year, but I think it’s awesome


Erik and I are up at the North Shore of Minnesota today! We drove up yesterday and are here until Monday for a nice, relaxing celebratory anniversary weekend. Not only our three years of marriage but also our new house! But the last six months have been so chaotic and stressful that we really needed some downtime to relax and unplug.

Hope you have a great weekend too!

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Three Years & A New Beginning

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 | Posted under Love + Marriage, Minneapolis

Three years ago today, Erik and I became husband and wife.









Today, we become homeowners! Last night we did our final walk through of the house and we are so excited to move in at the end of this month. The icing on the proverbial cake: we met our next-door neighbors and it is another young married couple JUST LIKE US! I don’t think I can express in words how excited I was when I saw them walking out their back door and over to our property. We haven’t really met anyone here at our apartment complex. We had quite a few young married friends in New York and we’ve really missed that. We chatted a little bit and they seem really friendly. I can’t wait to move in and have them over for BBQs and the parties I’m sure to be hosting as soon as we get settled. Hopefully they also plan to have kids because I think it would be so fun for our kids to have little neighbor friends to play with.

July 9 is a good day indeed.


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