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Friday, September 21st, 2012 | Posted under Friday Finds

Fall is the best. Duh.

These fake Romney bumper stickers are awesome.

Best fucking poster. (It’ll be funnier if you click the link.)

Tear-jerker alert! True love in pictures.

I wanna be this lady when I grow up: 102-year-old woman still changes the oil of her 82-year-old car. Now that’s devotion!

More speculation rises that Jesus had a wife.

Arrested Development meets Mitt Romney. Basically the next great meme.

Hipster neighborhoods! Pearl District in Portland and Williamsburg in NYC make the list. I have sadly only lived near, not in, both of them.

Have you missed me at DiabetesMine? I wrote about the connection between Alzheimer’s and diabetes earlier this week. Today is also World Alzheimer’s Day.


This weekend, we are having a BBQ with our local couples group and then on Sunday we are going to check out a festival at the historic home of John Jay, the first Chief Justice and a resident of Westchester County. Who says nothing fun happens in the suburbs?


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  1. Tom Beatson says:

    Another Westchesterite, who preceded John Jay, was Thomas Paine in New Rochelle. Hopefully they have a festival there sometime during the year.

    1. Mom101 says:

      I just spent forever laughing at the Lucille + Mitt tumblr. Thank you thank you thank you!

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