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Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 | Posted under Travel

Now that I’m back in school, I’ve realized that my traveling days will be few and far between. If anyone else keeps track, you may notice that for the past few years, I traveled an average of once a month.

Last fall and earlier this spring, I did a stretch of travel to a bunch of new states: Maine, Missouri, Kansas, Utah, Texas and Arizona. That’s a lot of exploring! And they were so much fun!

This summer, however, I traveled to places I’d already been: Indianapolis, Orlando, Philadelphia.

Even though I won’t be making any trips for awhile, I’ve started thinking about some of the new places I’d like to go, given the opportunity.

Here’s what’s on my list:

Tennessee: One of my closest friends, Cara, lives in Tennessee and I have wanted to visit her for a long time. Between visiting her small town and then seeing the “Music City” — Nashville — I think visiting Tennessee would be really fun and different compared to where I have lived and traveled.

Colorado: You’d think this West Coast girl would have made to Colorado by now, but no! Denver and Boulder have been on my to-visit list for ages, and I still haven’t made it out there. Based on the photos of I’ve seen (especially Ashley’s Instagram!) it looks like an absolutely breath-taking location and I look forward to finally making it out there someday.

Louisiana: I would love to go to New Orleans! I have heard so many wonderful things about it. I love jazz and French culture, and I just think it would be a really fun place to go. I would also love to travel around more of the Deep South, maybe head over to Mississippi as well.

Kentucky: I guess I have a thing for Southern states these days! I don’t know much about what’s in Kentucky, to be honest, but I think that’s part of why I want to go there. A lot of my travel is around big tourist destinations or metropolitan cities, and as much as I’m a city girl at heart, it isn’t the most relaxing of vacations. I do know the Kentucky Derby is there, so that could be fun!

Texas: OK, so I’ve been to Texas, but it’s such a big state, I feel like it’s OK to count it again. Erik and I have several friends in Texas (his childhood best friend lives in Dallas, and a grad school friend just moved to Houston), plus I have about eleventy billion blogger friends all around Texas. I have floated the idea of a Texas roadtrip, but we’re a little tight on funds, so that might have to wait.

Wow – four Southern states. Well, I guess you can tell where I haven’t done much exploring. I also wouldn’t mind visiting Hawaii or Alaska, although they are quite a trek from New York!


What’s on your to-visit list? Any traveling tips for my top 5 places?

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  1. Melissa says:

    There are so many states I’m just itching to visit. I’ve only been to New York, Florida, and Vermont. LOL. I really want to see Washington though, and I’d love to go see the Grand Canyon in AZ. The Southern states seem like so much fun too! I just need to get a car and roadtrip the whole country, ha :) That’ll be a fun adventure for a Canadian girl like me!

    1. Suburban Sweetheart says:

      Tops on my list right now are visiting a friend in San Diego & checking out Seattle & Austin, among others!

      1. Stephany says:

        I have SO many places I want to travel to, but mostly for 2013, I’m looking at NYC and Montreal. I want to fit another place in there, too, but I’m not sure where I want to visit.

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