The CB Diet Week #6: Armband and Dangerous

Thursday, September 27th, 2012 | Posted under Health + Fitness

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how I was having a difficult time carrying around my various must-haves while running. When I run, I need: my iPhone (for music, my running app, and in case of emergency), GU or some kind of low blood sugar treatment, and keys. Because I’d like to get back into my apartment building when I’m done.

I had been using a SPIbelt for awhile, but had difficult keep all three items tucked away inside it. Mostly because the combination of all three items made it a heavy, awkward shape and I was always messing around with it if I wanted to change songs.

I asked around to see what other people did and I got quite a few suggestions. The one that I had been considering the most is an armband to hold my iPhone, while continuing to use the SPIbelt for the keys and GU. I ordered a Tuneband off Amazon and it arrived earlier this week.

I’ve gone out twice with it, and so far, I like it. It’s a tiny bit awkward wearing something on my arm, but so far it has not slid while pumping my arms. The main issue I have is the headphone cord, which seems to go flying everywhere. To get the cord where it isn’t slapping me, I have to rotate the phone so that it sits on my tricep. It’s actually something the Tuneband recommends in its material. Turns out, it works! The only problem is then it’s harder to reach around to look at the screen or change songs, although it is much easier than when it was in my SPIbelt.

Having an armband is definitely a great decision. The SPIbelt is much more comfortable on my waist now that it has just a couple of light things inside. I’m sure I’ll get used to the armband and figure out how to use it so it suits me. I do see a lot of people using them and I’m hoping it motivates me to work out even more now that I know I won’t be uncomfortable when I’m out. And that I’ll be safe with my phone!


Do you use an armband to work out? What’s your favorite workout app?


Weight: Almost a pound lost this week! I’m down .8, for an overall loss of 3 lbs in five weeks. Woot! I’ve also noticed that I’m feeling a lot less bloated lately, which is also nice.

Blood sugar: Blood sugar average dropped over 10 mg/dl! Of course, some of that was due to a few lows this week from my running. It was kind of surprising, because I don’t usually go that low, but I had two back-to-back lows on Sunday.



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  1. Laura says:

    This is what I do: I take my mailbox key off my keyring and only carry that one key in my Spibelt. That way I can lock my normal keys in the mailbox on my way out, only carry one key around, and unlock them on my way back in. Makes for a slimmer Spibelt. Good luck with the running!

    1. Melissa E says:

      Glad you found something that works! One thing I do with the armband is I snake the headphone cord through my shirt sleeve and out the collar, this keeps it from flopping around in front of me…I don’t know how many times I have ripped the headphones out of my ears by accidentally catching the flopping cord on my hand while running!

      1. Sarah/@smartdpants says:

        One idea: I make a bunch of different running playlists, so I don’t have to mess w/the songs while moving. I make the playlists of songs all the same pace or BPM, and make them at least 30 mins. long, sometimes 45 or 60. That at least takes one thing out of the equation…and I can get it started, put the iPod away and enjoy while not having to take anything out and look at it while I’m running.

        1. Stephany says:

          First of all, YAY on the weight loss! Congrats, lady. That’s awesome. :)

          For your cord issues: I had the same issue and would have to hold it which was ANNOYING. So now, I make sure my iPhone is sitting so the earphone jack is at the top so I can throw the cord behind me and bring the earbuds to my ears from my back, and the cord is hanging behind me. I barely notice it and it works for me. I’ve never been able to do the slithering through my shirt thing for some reason. I never feel it hitting my back or pulling on my ears or anything (and I have tiny little ears that had having earbuds in them!).

          Also, I second Sarah’s suggestion of making a playlist. I do that for all my runs because I know I have a lot of slower songs and would hate to have to flip through them while running. And I try to make up new playlists whenever I reach a new week in C25K (not sure if you’re using that, I can’t remember) and it amps me up for new music!

          Annnnnd… this comment REALLY makes me miss running. Stupid broken ankle!

          1. Stephany says:

            Um…. had = hate in my comment. Ears HATE having earbuds in them. That’s what I get for typing too fast!

            1. Lindsey says:

              I put my cord up through my sleeve and out the neck of my shirt. This way the excess stays down my shirt in the back, and doesn’t bounce around cuz it’s held in place by my shirt. It works perfectly :)

              1. LfT says:

                Love the title of this post. :) Also, GREAT LOSS! You’re doing an awesome job!

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