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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 | Posted under Home Life

This week, my 2013 Erin Condren Life Planner finally arrived!

Now, I don’t know how you feel about paper planners, but in the past, I have purchased planners with every intention of filling them to the brim with everything going on in my life and yet… somehow I always manage to forget it exists. I’ll go through a week or two happily jotting things down and then a week will pass, and then a month… and then after awhile I’m almost too ashamed to use the planner that had so many blank days and weeks.

With Erin Condren’s Life Planner, I knew I really need to give it a shot because they are quite an investment. Even at a discount. As it turns out, it wasn’t much of a challenge! I really enjoyed using her planner this year, namely because it’s so colorful and pretty to look at, and she has fun stickers for different events. Even if I would go a week without using it (which sometimes happened), I always came back to it. It’s just fun to use!

For 2013, I knew I wanted buy another, since I had already seen success in keeping my school schedule, work schedule and life schedule all coordinated in one spot. My biggest challenge was figuring out what cover to use! There are so many pretty ones, but in the end, I chose Fleur Feliz in Splash. My planner from this year is Kaleidoscope in Purple. It’s quite a bit of purple though, so I like the mix of colors for next year.

One thing I really liked about the planner is how much space there is. Most planners have small boxes for each day, and there isn’t really a clean way to separate things into categories or time of day. For instance, if the first thing you write is a party, but then later you want to run errands, everything gets out of order.

Life Planners are split up into Morning, Day and Evening. Morning and Day are pretty much my school schedule, appointments and occasionally an interview for DiabetesMine, and then the evening is set aside for things like Junior League, small group and date nights. I also have heard people break up their between fitness goals, the family schedule, and blogging. As long as you keep track of what is what, you can tailor the planner to fit multiple needs.

A lot of people have complained about the size of the planner and I will agree that it is rather large compared to most planners. My 2012 planner is actually 15 months long, from October 2011 until December 2012. My 2013 planner is exactly that: 12 months. And let me tell you the weight difference is incredible! If you are worried about the weight, then make sure you go no bigger than 12 month. It’s still bigger than most, but hopefully not by much.

Here’s the difference in thickness. The 2013 is on the left, and the 2012 is on the right!

Obviously, I haven’t used the planner that much yet and you can find much more detailed reviews by searching Google. But here are a few things I like and dislike about this year’s Life Planner so far:


- Monthly overview on two pages. Last year it was only on one, and each day was so small! I never used it because it wouldn’t fit anything! Now the days are wide enough that you can use the stickers on the monthly calendar. I plan on only writing on the weekly section, and keeping the stickers for the monthly over view so things pop out quickly.

October is a busy month…

- The laminated tabs. Hallelujah! Our prayers were answered. No more frayed edges around here!

- Changes in stickers. In my planner, I have a full sheet (5 columns) of birthday stickers, there are more party stickers (yay!), and there is also pay day stickers (which doesn’t really apply to me since I’m a freelancer in school, but I can see this being helpful). The stickers are pretty much the best part of the planner.


- Less stickers. I had 6 sheets last year with, half of them being blank stickers. This year, I have 4 sheets, and only one sheet is blank, which is something I used a lot for exams in school. You can buy extra, but I’m bummed. Again, the stickers are the best part, so I’m sad I have less.

- Goals and To Do lists are narrow. The 2012 and 2013 planners have the same problem, actually. The list columns that are next to each weekly calendar are very narrow, almost too narrow to be of much use. They only fit a couple of words, so you often have to use more than one line. As a result, it’s not a feature I use very much.

- Price. It’s still damn expensive.


If you’re curious to know more about the woman behind the planner, check out my interview with Erin Condren, as part of my People I Find Fascinating series (quick sidenote: My latest PIFF is with Stratejoy’s Molly Mahar and the giveaway ends tomorrow!).


Do you use a paper planner or an e-planner? Have you ever tried Erin Condren’s Life Planner? If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer! I know it’s quite an investment and I’m sure I didn’t cover everything here.


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  1. Melissa says:

    I’m debating getting one… but waiting to see if I get $$ or gift card for my birthday and/or Christmas to help with the cost. I LOVE planners, but haven’t found the ONE. Do you know if there are any saving codes right now?

    1. Kathleen says:

      That’s a good idea to use the stickers on the monthly view. I think I’ll do that too. I got my planner using the gift code I won from you! I’ve been debating on how to use it because I already do most things digitally. Right now I’m thinking of using it more for work (morning), blog (day), and meal planning (night). And I’m really going to try and acknowledge birthdays this year so I hope it’ll help with that too.

      1. Stephany says:

        I bought the planner last year but I am terrible at remembering to use planners and even as pretty and as expensive as the EC LP is, I still found myself forgetting about it. Probably because it was so hefty that I would never lug it around! I tend to just use Google Calendar for a planner because it’s so convenient for me. And as nice as those planners are, I just cannot fathom spending so much on a planner.

        I think, though, if you use it and it makes you more productive then more power to you! I think it’s awesome and I know EC puts a LOT of effort into them and they are probably worth the hefty price tag.

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