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Friday, January 25th, 2013 | Posted under Tell Me Something Good

It’s our first Tell Me Something Good of the year, my monthly series where I share something good that’s going on in my life and ask you to do the same!

My Something Good for this month is definitely the Paleo diet. I’m absolutely loving the impact that it is having on my diabetes, which in turn affects how I feel. I also love that I’m rarely hungry these days. I’m eating so much filling protein and healthy fats that my meals last me hours. Even though I’m not supposed to, I’m keeping tabs on my calories. I never eat for the sake of reaching my supposed “calorie goal.” I’m just doing it to observe how I feel versus what MyFitnessPal tells me to eat. Plus, with my diabetes, I have to look up stuff anyways to get the carb and protein counts, so I figured I might as well record stuff.

And it’s surprising how full and healthy I feel on fewer calories than before. When I first used MyFitnessPal in 2011 to lose weight for my wedding, it was definitely hard and I often had nights were I was starving, trying to eke out a few more calories. But I never have that problem anymore and I can definitely see myself not calorie counting anymore. You just don’t need to! Woohoo!

What’s your Something Good this month?


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  1. Scott E says:

    Well, my something good – at the moment – is that I just came back from my Endo appointment and my A1C is down by 0.1 from last time. It’s not much, but it’s a decrease. And in the context of a typically-difficult three-month Halloween/Thanksgiving/December-Holiday season, I’m pretty happy about it!

    1. Kathy says:

      My something good happens every January – my birthday :) This year it’s also 30 years since I was diagnosed, so it’s good to still be around in one mostly unbroken piece ;)

      1. Stephany says:

        Way to go on your Paleo diet. I am definitely more & more intrigued about this lifestyle, the more you write about it.

        My Something Good for January is kicking my soda habit! Well, I’m at 12 days soda-free so far and can definitely feel a change in the way I used to crave soda. I still get cravings (WHEN will they STOP?!) but they aren’t too intense and I never think about “cheating” and having one. My plan is to go 30 days soda-free and then slowly let myself have one every now and then when I feel like it. Maybe once or twice a week at the most. Or maybe I’ll get to a point where I don’t want it at all! (Which is what I’m hoping for.)

        Are we really starting February a week from today? That’s crazy!

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