Whole30: Day 21-28

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 | Posted under Health + Fitness

Although I’m only three days away from finishing the Whole30 (rather successfully, I might add!), I’ve decided to still focus on my week-by-week recap and then I’ll do another week recap plus some of my overall thoughts next week.

The Food

imagesThis weekend proved to be a bit of a challenge as I went on my church’s Women’s Retreat. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I didn’t tell anyone that I was doing Paleo until I got there. I sort of assumed that I would more-or-less be able to deal with whatever food choices were available, and for the most part it was true. However, to feel more confident about not starving, I brought four Larabars that we bought at Whole Foods. It’s a good thing, because there were a couple of hiccups. When we arrived on Friday night, my friend and I had missed dinner so we ended up going to the hotel restaurant to get food. Pretty much the only thing I could eat were salads, because their meat entrees were really expensive! So I got a $14 Cobb salad with chicken, but had them remove the bleu cheese (which I don’t even like) and the bacon (because I couldn’t guarantee that it wasn’t made with sugar). It was a huge salad and I didn’t even finish it all. Success!

For breakfast on Saturday, it was your standard continental breakfast of pastries and fruit. I chose a banana and a Banana Bread Larabar. Whew. Totally safe. Except for one thing: no protein! At lunch, the only things that were safe was the salad, but I also decided to eat the almondine green beans and the salmon with mango chutney. Both of those may have had butter involved, but it was hard to tell. They also could have been prepared with oil, so I basically decided that I was safe because couldn’t readily tell otherwise (unlike the bacon, which I know from experience is made with sugar).

At snacktime I was starving because I had had such little protein that whole day. It was almost all carbs and vegetables. No wonder I was always snacking all the time! I had a Granny Smith apple, which did nothing and by the time it was dinner I was famished again. Dinner proved to be more trouble. Our options were a chicken parm (cheese!), a stuffed sole (grains!), a rice pilaf (grains!) and a vegetable medley. I told the server about my dietary problems, and asked if there was anything else I could have. So they offered the prime rib they had going on in the restaurant. Score! They also told me that the vegetable medley had butter on it, so they brought me steamed veggies. This is also why I figure that my almondine green beans probably were not Whole30 approved, but I didn’t know at the time.

For breakfast on Sunday, we had “go breakfast boxes” but they weren’t even close to be okay for Paleo. Yogurt (dairy!), a bagel (grains! — although they did have gluten-free bagels, which I thought was nice), and a fruit cup (processed sugar!). Sigh. I was totally out of luck, so I nommed on a Cherry Pie Larabar.

Another discovery I made this weekend: black tea! Turns out, I actually like the taste of unsweetened black tea, and it’s totally fine to drink. Whew! That was a main source of my caffeine and liquids, since I’m rather sick of water at this point.

The Feelings

One thing that I’ve noticed the last week is the energy I have when I wake up. Although I’m not exactly bounding out of bed, I’ve noticed that it’s a lot easier for me to just be, well, awake! Before I was always so groggy and foggy-headed and miserable. It was literally painful to be awake until I got some coffee in me. Now for the last week, since I started school, I’ve noticed that I can get up at 7:30 and I’m rather awake. It’s a really pleasant change. I’m not sure what to attribute it too, but I’m glad it happened!

The Diabetes

Oy, this one is getting a little more painful. I’ve had a lot more high blood sugars this week, and I attribute that to not working out as much. I only did four days, instead of my usual 5 or 6. I was also traveling, which always throws off my routine. In addition, anytime you start to make changes, there is a period of adjustment. Sometimes the adjustments take longer to smooth out. For the most part, my blood sugars are still wildly better than before. It’s just that now that I’m lowering my insulin intake to avoid low blood sugars, my margin for error is a lot smaller and if I make a mistake, it’s quite noticeable. I’m learning that although things are easier to manage, I still have to test often, do my best to carb count well and bolus early.


Caroline asks, “I’d like to know how things changed for you in terms of meal planning and cooking after you started classes again.” 

I’ve only been in school for all of three days, so it’s hard to tell at this point what things will look like at the end of my Spring term. Right now, I’m still doing my usual overeasy eggs, fruit and sausage, but I’m thinking that making an egg casserole over the weekend might be the way to do it. Our mornings are a bit rushed now with both Erik and I trying to cook, so I’m not sure how long we’ll last!

Meal planning is big in our house. We go through the week and I write down all of our meals in my planner so we have enough, and then we make our shopping list based on that. We usually go back out again toward Thursday or Friday to pick up something that we might have forgotten or that we ran out of early (usually fruit, but sometimes things like ghee or coconut oil). We rarely stick to the planner exactly, swapping meals around based on how long they take to cook and what we’re in the mood for. But we always have the food ready to go. It’s also great because we rarely overbuy. Everything we buy will at some point will get used, so even though we are spending more, I feel like we are really getting our money’s worth.


Next week is my last recap of the Whole30! Do you have any questions that I haven’t answered? Feel free to let me know!


Comments on this post

  1. Caro says:

    I’m really curious about the bacon and sugar thing. I’ve never come across bacon containing sugar, and even checked some packages after I first saw you mention it. Is it an American thing, or some kind of food labelling omission here?

    Don’t think I could stick to such a rigid paleo diet, (although low carb really works for me) so well done to you guys!

    1. Allison says:

      Yep, a lot of the bacon is cured, I guess, with turbinado sugar or cane sugar, so we weren’t able to eat it on the Whole30. I’m not even sure what that is, but we read on the forums that we weren’t able to eat that. I’m not sure if we’ll change when we’re on the regular Paleo diet, but we found some delicious Whole30-approved bacon at Whole Foods that is better than anything I’ve ever had. So I’m not sure I really want to go back!

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