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Monday, January 13th, 2014 | Posted under Minneapolis, Personal Essays

I’m moving to Minneapolis in seven days.

Since telling our close friends and family last week about our suddenly impending move, we have been met with many exclamations of “Wow! I had no idea it was so soon!” Well, to be perfectly honest, neither did we!

When we flew out to Minnesota on Christmas Day, Erik had two interviews and two additional meetings with a recruiter and a colleague in his industry. By the time we left on January 3, Erik had scheduled two additional interviews, and we heard that two of those companies had already started contacting his references, which is a hallmark of an imminent job offer. Then last Wednesday, Erik received an offer from one company, followed by another offer the next day. And by Friday evening, Erik had verbally agreed to a position in Minnesota. He’s giving notice today and his last day of work in New York will be January 25.

The reason why I’m leaving a few days earlier is because we decided while in Minnesota that if Erik did secure a job soon, it wouldn’t make sense for me to skip an entire semester of school if I didn’t have to. The University of Minnesota’s Nutrition program has slightly different requirements than the program I had been working toward, and so I have yet more classes to take. I’m not entirely sure how long it will take to start officially at the University, but it’ll either be this fall or next spring. (I’m really hoping for the fall!)

So I start class a week from tomorrow at the University of Minnesota, taking Chemistry Principles and General Biology. The chemistry I have taken is the introductory classes for non-majors, but U of M requires that Nutrition majors take the Chem major intro class, along with the Biology major intro class. Even though a lot of this will probably seem pretty basic, I’m hoping this just means I’m guaranteed a really good grade! Which I could sorely use since I only got a C in Organic Chemistry this past semester.

I ended up dropping out of Biochemistry entirely, so I’ll have to take that as well, and I’m still waiting to hear if my Organic Chemistry class will transfer. It might not be an advanced enough class, but I haven’t heard back from an adviser. Other than that, my math classes, Nutrition 101 and Human Physiology transfer so I am at least somewhat ahead of the game. Microbiology also doesn’t appear to be a requirement, but you never know. Something could turn up later that makes it handy.

A lot of people are also wondering how the move is going to happen. We’re planning on hiring a moving company to drive our stuff our to Minnesota. I will fly back to New York on the 24th so that Erik, Natasha and I can drive out to Minnesota that weekend. It really won’t be a return to New York since I’ll probably only be in the state for less than 12 hours. But there’s a chance that we’ll have one more going away dinner with some friends.

We are having a going away party this Saturday and a lot of our friends have RSVP’d which I’m really happy about especially with it being such short notice. And a few of my friends who can’t make it came to my last Ladies Book Exchange, which was super fun and I’m going to miss hosting that a lot. I plan to continue it when I get to Minnesota, and I hope that someone keeps it going after I’ve left.

I don’t think it’s really quite hit me that we’re leaving permanently. We’ve been so caught up in just the logistics of getting everything settled with the job, figuring out how to get our stuff out there, stalking Zillow and Trulia for apartments. I’ve moved across the country before so that’s probably why I’m not quite as nervous as I might be if this was my first time, although I don’t really remember being that nervous before. I know that life in Minnesota is going to be so much easier, albeit different, than life out here in New York. I also think knowing that we have so many friends and family out there helps a lot too. There’s not quite the nerves of “starting over.”

But that being said, I’ve lived in the New York area for almost seven years. I’ve become quite the New Yorker, and I remember thinking how foreign Minnesota felt while I was there. Everything is so spread out. And quiet. It feels like there’s hardly anyone around! The way the cities are built and laid out is different. Things look different. Things are a lot newer.

We had no idea we were leave so soon. Part of me feels like we haven’t had enough time to say good-bye. There are still things left on our New York to-do list, but I’m also happy to say that we’ve managed to do a lot of what we wanted. Another part of me thinks maybe this is for the best. Ripping off the Band-Aid quickly instead of prolonging the pain of waiting.

Of course there are the people in New York that I’ll miss terribly. Best friends that I’ve made over the past few years who have really seen me through the best and worst of times. I have really grown to absolutely love and cherish many aspects of my life here. My friends are at the top of that list. Sadly our New York chapter is coming to a close. It just feels like we have outgrown New York. It just doesn’t fit like it used to. It’s enjoyable, but there is no future. It’s like trying to wear an old piece of clothing that you’ve always adored but just doesn’t seem to quite fit anymore.

I think being part of the blogging community has really taught me that it is possible to keep up close friendships even when living away from each other. Physical distance is only part of the equation when it comes to friendship. I am and hope to continue being close friends with many people around the country. I know that there is no replacement for close proximity, but I know that it isn’t everything. I like having so many friends around the country. It’s like having a little bit of home no matter where I am.



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  1. Stacey D. says:

    I wish you and Erik the best of luck with the move! I hope everything with the transition goes smoothly =)

    1. Cynthia Zuber says:

      Wow! How exciting!! Best of luck to you this month with your move and I’ll hope to meet you sometime in February! Congrats to your husband! :)

      1. Laddie says:

        Boy, that happened quickly and congratulations to Erik for getting a couple of job offers so quickly. I do hope that the Twin Cities will greet you with warmer weather than the last time you visited. I sent you an email with info on getting hooked up with some of the Type 1 meet-ups.

        1. Colleen says:

          What a great adventure for both of you. Enjoy!

          1. Cara says:

            I am so excited for you and this new chapter of your life, though I will terribly miss seeing you when I’m in NY. That being said, you an expect me at some point or another to visit in MN. I’ve always wanted to see more than the airport and now that you’re there I can say that I will make the trip. There are so many D-OC people there that I’d love to visit and YOU are the icing on the cake for sure.

            I will say when I made the move to Nashville I was very glad that it happened quickly. I’m afraid I would have tried to talk myself out of it if I’d had much time. Now that I’m here, I’m glad and I can almost bet you’ll feel the same way.

            1. Lisa of Lisa's Yarns says:

              Wow that came together incredibly fast! How exciting. I am a little bit envious as I wish I could move back tomorrow but the soonest I can resign is April 8th, but I need a job offer first and my area of the finance industry is so small… but we’ll see.

              I wish you the best of luck with the move. I hope you end up loving it in the Twin Cities!

              1. Stephany says:

                Aha! You sly girl, you. I knew this was your big news. :)

                Good luck on your move and HOW EXCITING Erik got a job so quickly. That’s so awesome. I’m excited to see how you guys end up liking Minneapolis.

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