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Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 | Posted under Home Life

At the end of last week, my host made some changes to the server that interrupted service to the blog! After four days, it was finally online but by then I didn’t have time to finish the last apartment tour post because my mom was in town visiting. Which was fun, but didn’t leave much time for blogging!

All is fine and fixed now, so on with the tour!

The biggest chance with this new apartment is the fact we have a second bedroom and bathroom! We are really excited because when we lived in New York, we couldn’t host anyway. The meant schlepping to a nearby hotel for visiting parents, or the air mattress for visiting friends. Now that we have an actual bedroom, we’re hoping to have more guests come and visit us! (Once the weather warms up, of course).

photo 1(11)

Erik and I decided to splurge for a queen bed, which I was pretty nervous about because I wasn’t sure how it would fit with my desk. Luckily, it works perfectly! And clearly Natasha is a big fan too! She spends a lot of time there.

There’s just enough room on either side of the bed for my desk or for accessing the closet (off to the left). We’ve had this accent pillow since our wedding, but never had a place to put it until now. We really lucked out finding this bedding set at Target! The lamp is also from Target, and the nightstand is actually a filing cabinet that I found at Goodwill and repurposed. Nightstands, even at Target and Homegoods, are really expensive and we just didn’t have the money to buy something that wasn’t going to get much use.

photo 2(15)

Like our master bedroom, there is another door to the balcony. Having the huge window and the window in the door means there is so much natural light that comes into the room! Our bookshelf is absolutely shoved full of books, which means we’ll either need to buy another one (likely) or get rid of some books (not so likely).

photo 5(5)

photo 4(7)

Across from the bed (and next to the bookshelf) was an enormous blank wall. I was so overwhelmed when I saw it! How was I going to decorate and fill it up?! Luckily it didn’t take too much. Starting next to the book shelf is a picture that had been hanging over my desk in New York along with a photograph that Erik took. Then there are a couple pictures of colorful flowers that I thought coordinated well with the big picture over the bed. At the very end, right by the door, is a picture that Erik’s mother gifted us.

The bathroom is not terribly exciting and kind of difficult to photograph because of the shape. We used our bathroom towels from New York as the hand towels in this apartment, so we kept the blue theme going with the shower curtain, towels and floor mat. I really like the shower curtain! I actually like it more than the one in the master bathroom, but Erik really liked the shower curtain so we compromised.


So that’s the tour! Now, who’s coming to visit?!


Comments on this post

  1. Cara says:

    1.) I am SO glad you guys are getting settled in. I’m happy for you.
    2.) Put me on the visitor list… maybe next fall?
    3.) I have that shower curtain. Bought it when I moved to Nashville. :)
    4.) I miss you.

    1. Stephany says:

      I have my bags packed and I will be coming this weekend! ;) Just kidding. But I want to visit!! Whenever it’s above 50 degrees in Minneapolis. Maybe 60 degrees. I’m sure 50 degrees in MPLS is waaaaay different than 50 degrees in Florida, HA.

      I loved your apartment tour! Such a cute place. :)

      1. Erica says:

        So I realized my company has an office in Minneapolis! Maybe I’ll visit it & you one of these days. Remind me when there’s no longer snow on the ground! ;)

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