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Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 | Posted under Money

My last day of work at the Rye Running Company (the running store in New York I worked at) was two days before I moved to Minnesota, and I had no intention of working outside the home. My freelance gigs were ramping up and I was feeling good about the situation. However, freelance isn’t the most predictable source of income and since I’m not getting any financial aid this term either, we thought it would be smart for me to pick up a more regular part-time job.

Well, that turned into two part-time jobs!

The first job, which I started last week, is a Dietary Aide at a long-term nursing home in Minneapolis. Dietary aide is the main nutrition-related job that a Nutrition student can get. I basically work in a glorified cafeteria, but all the people we serve are elderly, very sick and unable to take care of themselves. Although there’s not a lot of direct nutrition involved in my particular job, but getting involved in the food service industry is a great boost to my resume and internship applications once I finish college in a couple years.

The second job, which I’m starting this week, is a Bookseller at Barnes and Noble. Woohoo! This really has nothing to do with my future career, but I saw that the Barnes and Noble just two blocks from my apartment was hiring and Erik thought it would be a fun place to work there. Having worked retail gigs for a year now, I knew I could handle it. I had inquired at the nearby running store to see if they were hiring, but they sadly were fully staffed and not looking for any new staff. Bummer.

Anyway, I’m still figuring out exactly how many hours I’ll be working at each job. The dietary aide gig is 2-3 days a week, plus every other weekend, but the shifts are only 3.5 hours each. The B&N gig will be 4-6 hours a couple times a week. So I’ll roughly work between 20 and 30 hours, depending on the week, which is solid money and since I’m only taking two classes this semester, it won’t be too overwhelming.

I’m not sure what things will look like when I’m taking a full course load in the fall, but I’ll worry about that when I get there! Besides, I’ve learned over the years that I really need to stay busy in order to stay focused. Otherwise I tend to procrastinate because I think I have “all the time in the world.” When I know I need to get something done because I don’t have much time, I get it done!


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  1. Lisa of Lisa's Yarns says:

    I worked at B&N when I first moved to Minneapolis and it was a really fun job. Some of the questions you’ll get when you work the information desk will make you want to roll your eyes, but all in all it was fun. I don’t know if they still do this, but back then you could borrow any hardcover – you just had to take the dust jacket off and bring it back in new condition. So that was an awesome perk for me. I hope you are able to balance 2 jobs + school!

    1. Allison says:

      Yep, they do have that perk! Plus all the other discounts. I’m really excited about that! Of course, the library is right across from B&N plus I can check out books from the library at school for free. So really I have no excuse not to read a million books now! Maybe I’ll get as into reading as I got into running!

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